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Prompt Post 01

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Dark Reese AU

(Anonymous) 2014-01-10 07:24 pm (UTC)(link)
I honestly would love to see a very dark John Reese. He still takes the job Finch offers and saves people---but when push comes to shove he takes it out on poor Finch.

I want a scared, trying to reason with, Finch~
John doesn't hurt Finch, not badly. Maybe he gives him a warning, but doesn't abuse him for fun.

What he does do is hold Finch against his will, and hurts him in other ways.

Non-con if Anon wishes, personally I welcome this, but its up to the writer.

AU Reese never made it out of China

(Anonymous) 2014-02-24 09:58 pm (UTC)(link)
After Ordos, Chinese security caught Reese and interregated him. They didn't get much, but they dump him in a prison/labor camp and pull him out occaisionally to have another go while waiting to see if the CIA is willing to trade for him. They're not, until Stanton reappears in the States and they really need to know what happened. Meanwhile Finch has been using a series of 'helper monkeys' but TM periodically gives him Reese's number. When the CIA agrees to trade for Reese, Harold somehow manages to swoop in and grab him out from under them. What happens next?

Reese/Finch Uni!AU with jealous Reese

[personal profile] laidbacktionist 2014-02-27 11:16 pm (UTC)(link)
I was disappointed when there's a severe lacking of high school AU in AO3 and none in University AU, so I'd like to prompt one.

Reese and Finch are students in the same university, Finch a computer science/engineering student and Reese a typical jock/criminology student. Maybe they met by chance. Maybe Finch has always had a bit of crush for Reese. Or maybe they took a class together and paired up together for a group assignment and that's how they first met.

Maybe Reese is starting to fall for the brilliant 'geek' that's always witty and a touch aloof.

Maybe Finch thinks that there's no way that Reese would be interested in him.

Maybe Reese is jealous of Nathan because they're so close.

Maybe they're being absolute dunderheads who don't communicate.

Either way, take it wherever you like :) OP would love an uni!AU rinch, the rest is just bonus.

(Double bonus if they do the frick frack and Reese tops :))

Re: Request: Finch/Reese, showing off, dating

[personal profile] laidbacktionist 2014-02-27 11:18 pm (UTC)(link)


Elias/Reese: crime boss Elias has Reese in his power

(Anonymous) 2014-03-03 12:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Elias loves watching John fight -- how beautiful yet dangerous he is in motion. He loves seeing the normally calm, controlled operative become desperate. For him, it's the perfect blend of art and erotica.

So, he gets some leverage on Reese (Finch, Carter, baby Leila...) and either forces him to be his operative (on a short leash with close surveillance) or his personal gladiator (to fight any number of desperate battles for his delectation).

Of course, after these fights, Elias eases his arousal with John, laying hands (and more) on the tall, lean man's bruised, sweaty skin and lapping up every morsel of degradation, frustration, self-loathing... and self-betrayal.

Shaw/Root/the Machine

(Anonymous) 2014-03-05 04:17 am (UTC)(link)
The Machine tells either Root or Shaw what to do to the other in bed, or is otherwise actively involved in their sex life-- less as an assist, and more as the third person in a threesome. Maybe Shaw lets the Machine act or speak through her? Or Root approaching Shaw in the first place at the encouragement of the Machine.

Basically, some AI/lady/lady lovin'.

Reese still has Machine access

(Anonymous) 2014-03-05 11:46 pm (UTC)(link)
At the end of season 2, when the Machine shut down, both Root and John answered the phone that allowed the Machine to talk to them. We know that the Machine is still contacting Root, which has Finch pretty freaked out.

So, naturally, John hasn't told him that the Machine is still talking to him, too. As soon as he got back from Rome, he just started getting phone calls. Finch has enough to worry about, and the Machine hasn't actually asked him to do anything. It's like it just wants someone to talk to. Finch is its creator, Root is its prophet, and John is... what, its bff? Oh well, it's hardly the weirdest thing that's ever happened to him.

poi x house m.d. crossover

(Anonymous) 2014-03-19 09:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Finch and Reese have to save House's life.

Re: poi x house m.d. crossover

(Anonymous) 2014-03-23 01:01 am (UTC)(link)
House would be such a pain in the ass. That glass would be COVERED with potential threats!

Gay club fiasco - Finch/Reese

(Anonymous) 2014-03-24 02:27 pm (UTC)(link)
The Machine gives them a number who works as a bartender in a gay night club. For two consecutive nights Reese tries to go undercover but can't do his work properly because everyone keeps hitting on/molesting him. So finally Finch decides to accompany him as his sugar daddy! I'd love some crack on this one.

PoI/The Sentinel Reese/Finch

(Anonymous) 2014-04-12 12:32 am (UTC)(link)
Ok, people, things seem to have slowed down tragically here, but I'll put my idea here in hope that maybe somebody will be interested.

There is a serious lack of PoI/Sentinel fusion in the fandom, seriously. I would literally weep in joy if I could have a fic about Sentinel!John and Guide!Finch doing their PoI business and failing to resist each other because of course John is Harold's Sentinel and Harold is John's Guide... *puppy eyes* Please ?

Re: PoI/The Sentinel Reese/Finch

[identity profile] 2014-04-20 10:58 pm (UTC)(link)
I'll give this a shot :3

FILL: Prime Numbers 1/1

[identity profile] 2014-04-21 07:57 am (UTC)(link)
there you go!

Reese/Finch - Mpreg

(Anonymous) 2014-04-23 03:06 pm (UTC)(link)
this fandom needs more babiessssss!!!

ok so Finch is pregnants and we know that the baby's father is John so....???

(Anonymous) 2014-04-26 04:37 pm (UTC)(link)
I need this in my life.

Prompt: Cliché Fic -- Do Over/Go Back In Time

(Anonymous) 2014-04-26 05:27 pm (UTC)(link)
It doesn't look like this is a very active community, unfortunately :( ... still:
I urgently want PoI Do Over Cliché Fic. I want Reese to go back in time for some reason, preferably unintentionally, and wake up shortly before he meets Finch for the first time. Maybe Life on Mars fusion fic? Idk...

Cheesy fic is good fic. I want Reese to be full of epic man pain, only to realise, that he's got yet *another* second chance to do things right, which he then proceeds to do.

I don't care about the pairing, it's all fine. Or gen fic. I don't care, I'm in for the time travel. And the man pain.


(Anonymous) 2014-04-30 08:27 am (UTC)(link)
Excellent prompt which made me think of this one: Awake! In one life John stayed home, left the Army as planned, married Jessica, and has a boring, normal job and a house and some kids. And a boat. In the other, he's our John Reese. And he doesn't know which one is real.

John Reese and Harold Finch are RELATED!

(Anonymous) 2014-05-08 08:06 am (UTC)(link)
I would like someone to write about Reese and Finch being related to one another, preferably them being siblings. Say Finch ran away from home and his younger brother Reese has been searching for him ever since. Maybe Finch has been keeping tabs on him, wanting him to have a normal life and be happy. Then the MACHINE and NUMBERS get involved. How will this effect their relationship? Do they still keep it a secret from one another or will it be revealed in the most drastic way possible? Do what you will with the idea.

Harold/Grace pairing, with John as their son

(Anonymous) 2014-05-08 08:17 am (UTC)(link)
While I was doing research, I found out that Finch is at least fifteen years older than Reese and it just gave me a great idea for a Harold/Grace story...

Harold and Grace are two fifteen year old's who are madly in love (they are basically soul mates), but one day Grace finds out she is pregnant. Their families are furious, and Harold's parents take him away from Grace and their newborn son. Grace runs away with her baby, setting up new identities for them (Such as Grace Hendricks, and John Reese Hendricks, however you want to do it). Finch has a new identity now, broken hearted by the fact he wasn't strong enough to stay with Grace and John, and has been looking for them ever since, not knowing they have new identities.

Many years later, Harold and Grace meet each other again, but don't know who the other is...

This could be set up in the POI world, or maybe an AU, it is up to you. Just want to see Harold and Grace get back together, have a very protective John (You could have a John/Jessica or John/Carter paring) who gives Harold the evil eye. And how the truth will be revealed to everyone! INCLUDE BEAR!! HE IS AMAZING!!

John Reese / Harold Finch RINCH with baby Leila

(Anonymous) 2014-05-08 08:23 am (UTC)(link)
A young Leila (could still be a baby or a preschooler, some where in-between) suddenly becomes an orphan (maybe she was abused by her grandparents or they died, up to the writer) and it placed into the house hold of her new Guardians Harold Finch and John Reese.

They slowly start to become a family, even with dealing with all the NUMBERS along with John and Harold dealing with their relationship. Then something happens, that makes Leila think she is a burden to them and runs away, only for John and Harold to find her and tell her that they love her and wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. Their bond and family becomes even stronger. HAPPY ENDING!

Please include some domestic bliss, family moments, and BEAR!! PLEASE!
kiranovember: photo of my recently deceased cat Jellybean (Default)

Fill: Awake! 1/1

[personal profile] kiranovember 2014-05-09 08:37 am (UTC)(link)
After nearly beating Peter Arnt to death, John doesn't sleep again until he's dropped him off at his favorite Mexican prison; the one with the very obliging warden who will take anyone for the right price. He gets a cheap hotel room and crashes and wakes up in the morning next to Jessica.

She looks a little older than he remembers, as she did in the videos he watched at the house. There's noise from downstairs, children's voices, dishes clinking, flatware clattering, and he says, "What the hell?" Jessica leans in and kisses him, morning breath be dammned, and tells him the kids are making him breakfast in the hope that he'll take them out on the boat like he promised and not let himself get called into work.

It's a dream; it has to be a dream, so he gives himself over to it completely. His children, Emily, ten, Jason, nine, and Molly, seven. The sailboat, a twentysix-footer named "Second Chance." Jessica, warm and alive in the circle of his arms as they brace their feet against the opposite bench and cling to the tiller, the boat heeled over as they tack into the wind. It's a perfect day, complete with picnic lunch, and that night they make love the way he's dreamed about for years, slowly and passionately. They fall asleep spooned together his arms wrapped around her as though he's planning to hold on to her forever.

In the morning he wakes up in Mexico.

Re: Fill: Awake! 1/1

(Anonymous) 2014-05-11 03:11 pm (UTC)(link)

Re: FILL: Prime Numbers 1/1

(Anonymous) 2014-05-17 02:28 pm (UTC)(link)
[OP here] Oh, thank you very much. This was great ! I really liked your take on the Sentinel 'verse. :D And now, I just want more Sentinel-POI fics ! lol But thank you very much for this !

Any Roose shippers?

(Anonymous) 2014-05-29 02:33 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: The Machine always leads Root back to John...

AU where Finch invented a kink matchmaking service, Finch/Reese

(Anonymous) 2014-06-21 11:37 am (UTC)(link)
I just read a fic in another fandom (Available (, by infiniteeight) in which part of the summary was "This is a D/s AU, but it's a pretty mild one -- it's really more like a 'verse in which everyone is kinky and someone created a really effective matchmaking service." The way it played out in that fic was that everyone fills out a questionnaire regularly describing their kinks and how dominant or submissive they are, and a central registry notifies them of potential matches.

So of course I read that and wanted a POI version of that AU. The fic I read didn't say who invented the matchmaking service, or anything about its creation, but it has to be Finch, right? And the matchmaking service is the Machine, and in this AU the Machine changed from just generating everyone's matches to monitoring everyone and reporting a number if that person's relationship was in trouble or if a really important match was near them, and now Finch and Reese and Shaw are all going around saving people's love lives by directly intervening.