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FILL: Fledgling (Finch, Reese) [Not Rated] [No meme warnings so far] 1/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-18 05:31 am (UTC)(link)
Harold was four years old when he started correcting his dad's code.

At first it was just kid stuff -- closing brackets, converting strings that should have been numerical variables, that kind of thing. It wasn't fun, exactly; soothing might have been a better word. He didn't have to understand everything the program was meant to do to use the predictable rules of syntax to smooth out minor tangles and restore order to the rows of symbols, and measuring his progress was always as simple as running the compiler and seeing how many errors he'd cleared away. He liked it, and as time went by and his comprehension of the code he was working with increased, he liked it even better.

It mattered more after the divorce. Not the first one, of course -- Harold couldn't remember a time when his dad had been married to Olivia, although he'd been alive for part of it -- but the second one, when Harold's mother left them. There had always been nights when his dad fell asleep in front of his computer, but during and after the divorce, there were a lot more of them, and his work suffered for it. His code got messier and messier in the hours before he passed out, and cleaning it up meant a lot of swearing and wasted time in the morning, if Harold couldn't get to it before then.

That was always the problem -- his dad was happy to let him read through his programming books and even play at writing baby programs, but real work was different, and if he caught Harold debugging his code, he'd thank him and laugh and then revert all his changes without even looking at them. Sleeping people are pretty easy to predict, though, and Harold got very good at knowing when he needed to stop typing for a minute to let his dad fall back asleep, or figuring out whether he had time to get back to bed before he woke up, or if he was going to have to pretend he'd gotten up to check on him. It was frustrating to have to stop in the middle of a really good idea, but he got better at making changes in a way that would make sense if he got interrupted, and at using his time so that wouldn't happen during a particularly complicated bit.

All of it got easier after his dad started drinking more.

It got easier still after Harold's enrollment at the virtual school whose brochures he'd sent out for meant that even his dad had to admit that he needed not just a computer of his own -- which he'd had since he was a toddler, a scuffed-up hand-me-down that by far was the best toy he'd ever owned -- but network capability. He still had to make sure his dad was really asleep before he made changes, but the ability to just copy and paste entire sections of code was a tremendous help. Working in his room, he could get lost in his work in a way he never had before. That was when his programming skills really began to take off.

By the time he was eight, Harold was responsible for all of their best ideas, and the fact that his dad seemed to credit the alcohol couldn't really take the warmth of accomplishment away. The progression from simple fixes to small improvements to meaningful innovation felt like the most natural thing in the world -- not effortless, but right. Each new project his dad got came with better pay and more interesting puzzles than the last, but even so, they couldn't keep pace with Finch's improvement.

He started looking for bigger challenges.

Re: FILL: Fledgling (Finch, Reese) [Not Rated] [No meme warnings so far] 1/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-18 05:46 am (UTC)(link)
more plz?

FILL: all the things we don't talk about, Reese/Finch, 27/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-18 06:37 am (UTC)(link)
Finch was on the line with detective Fusco the moment he heard the name "Larry".

"Yes. Some kind of product exchange originating from Owlsgate, New Hampshire. Two men with New York accents, one of them called Larry. I've seen them with Elias."

"I can't get you their records at buttfuck-am in the morning, Finch."

"Certainly not. 6am will be sufficiently quick. However, buttfuck-am in the morning, as you say, is not too early to tell me if you know why a New Hampshire high school is involved in the drug trade."

Fusco sighed loudly into the phone. "Not ringing any bells, sorry."

After hanging up, there wasn't anything left to do. Finch checked the feeds from the dorms.

No movement, no sound. Rob wasn't back yet. There wasn't anything to see. Unlike that afternoon, when there had been too much to see.

In all his projections of all possible contingencies, it somehow hadn't occurred to Finch to factor in adolescent sex drives. Which probably said a lot about Harold's own high school experience. How mortifying.

Now that he thought about it, Finch was amazed that he and Reese hadn't ever accidentally witnessed carnal embrace - they had never witnessed any sexual activities at all, really - during their various surveillance-related activities.

He hoped it wouldn't happen again. Reese was probably blasé and professional about such things, Finch thought, but for himself, he couldn't imagine having to watch two people being intimate without feeling acutely embarrassed. Let alone watching it along with Reese.

He'd quickly set off the fire alarm, that afternoon, and switched off the feeds.

So now, he didn't know why Rob Little had left the building. He only knew that Rob hadn't been back to his bedroom at all after dinner. Where he'd hidden was a mystery to Finch. His face-recognition software wasn't any use if the kids knew where the school surveillance cameras were - which Finch was starting to think they did.


Finch had just finished feeding the day's recordings to his speech-recognition software when he saw an unexpected movement from the corner of his eye.

"Got something for you, Finch."

Finch jumped out of his skin. "Mr. Reese!"

Reese was already halfway across the room when Finch turned. He was dressed all in black, and moving quickly and efficiently, like a dancer, or a gymnast. Though it still seemed as though he was looming over everything; Reese dominated the room.

Finch stared. There was something detached and robot-like about John Reese, all of a sudden. This was not a guy to banter with. This was a guy who killed people for a living, and didn't have any feelings.

"Found this." Reese handed Finch a packet. Their eyes met. Finch's fingertips brushed Reese's hand. Finch felt an indescribable yearning. A craving.


The thing was.

The thing was, Finch had been overwhelmed ever since Nathan died. He had literally spent years being overwhelmed. Every since he'd decided to take up Nathan's insane vigilantism project, new and crazy and unexpected things happened to him nearly every day. So all the work he'd done, he had done it through a haze of strong emotion. He never tried to suppress anything to get work done. He just… worked. Finch knew his emotions, saw them, acknowledged them, and told them "I'll take care of you as soon as I have a minute, ok?"

So now he was feeling desire, and sadness, but it wasn't hard for him to say "This needs to be delivered to a lab."

Reese nodded in response.

"I'll text you an address. Put the packet in some kind of box, and take it to the village post office. Make sure it is in New York by lunchtime."

Re: FILL: all the things we don't talk about, Reese/Finch, 27/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-18 06:46 am (UTC)(link)
salkhalghalghlahga I love Finch so much. And am having so many FEELINGS. About him. And his feelings. That he'll take care of as soon as he has a minute. ;_;

John/Jessica/Kara: A different take on the airport reunion

(Anonymous) 2013-07-18 08:06 pm (UTC)(link)
When Jessica saw John at the airport, he was already travelling with Kara.
On the one hand, John is really glad to see Jessica, but on the other hand, he just hopes that she'll leave before Kara spots them together.

Well, Kara does see them and out of the three she's the only one enjoying this awkward situation. And she's enjoying it a bit too much for John's liking.
talitha78: (Default)

Re: FILL: Fledgling (Finch, Reese) [Not Rated] [No meme warnings so far] 1/?

[personal profile] talitha78 2013-07-19 02:47 am (UTC)(link)
Ohhhhh. This promises to be great!!

Re: John/Jessica/Kara: A different take on the airport reunion

(Anonymous) 2013-07-19 04:48 am (UTC)(link)
oh this is interesting. hope someone fill this.

Nikita/POI Crossover, Eventual Reese/Alex

(Anonymous) 2013-07-19 04:55 am (UTC)(link)
Instead of Nikita and Division, it was Reese and CIA that is responsible for the elimination of Alex's family. Like Nikita, Reese ended up sparing young Alex. Alex ended up in prostitution and drugs and then meet Reese shortly after he work numbers with Finch. Feeling guilty, Reese made it his mission to get Alex clean whether she wants to or not. Alex gets better and work number with them for as long as she might be able with her limited knowledge of field work. Reese trained her self-defense though. Then Snow came and found about Alex and turned her against Reese by showing her a feed of Reese killing her family.

Re: FILL: Fledgling (Finch, Reese) [Not Rated] [No meme warnings so far] 1/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-19 04:57 am (UTC)(link)
love it. will there be nathan? is he the same age as harold? or is he a former bodyguard or father figure who died for harold?

Finch/Reese or Finch + Reese, seen through other's eyes

(Anonymous) 2013-07-19 05:36 am (UTC)(link)
Through a communication problem or something seen and misconstrued, everyone now thinks that Finch is screwing Reese. It doesn't quite matter what Reese says, he can't get people to change their minds. Harold seems oddly unconcerned which Reese is suprised by. He expected imminent 'we're not gay' panic. In fact Harold is so off hand about it all, making comments something like 'if people want to be so ridiculous as to think I'd sleep with you'...which hurts Reese, a little. Of course, Harold got distracted and never finished. What he was actually going to say was 'while we're investigating a number and before I actually have a chance to court you'. And then Reese gets a close call - he's fine - but Harold just explodes and takes John back to his apartment and decides just maybe the courting can wait.

Re: FILL: Fledgling (Finch, Reese) [Not Rated] [No meme warnings so far] 1/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-19 03:14 pm (UTC)(link)
It might take a little while for the answers to your questions to become clear in the fic, but I will say now that I could never forget Nathan. Although sadly that doesn't mean I'm nicer to him than the show has been. :(

FILL: Fledgling (Finch, Reese) [Not Rated] [No meme warnings so far] 2/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-19 03:38 pm (UTC)(link)
It's probably impolite to look a gift lawyer in the mouth, but when John comes out of the police station to find a couple of men waiting to bring him to their nameless employer at an unspecified location, he can't say that either surprise or gratitude features prominently among his reactions. All he really wants is a drink and a corner to pass out in, but whoever these guys are, they aren't government, and it's not like there's any real downside to going with them, so he does, looking out the window as they drive circuitous paths through the city and the skyglow shades by degrees to overcast.

They pull up in a park by a bridge in Queens and gesture him towards an empty bench. He figures that's where he gets to wait until the boss shows up, but when he gets close enough, he sees a cell phone resting there, clearly waiting for him. "Someone's paranoid," he murmurs, picking it up, but what interests him more than the caution is the theater: they could have handed him a phone, or for that matter shot him, anytime they liked, but someone wanted to set the scene.

The phone lights in his hands.

I would prefer to describe myself as circumspect, Mr. Reese, the message says.

John stares.

That's the name you prefer, isn't it? I know you've had several. After a moment, a third message joins the first two. Don't worry, I'm not going to tell anybody about you.

"You don't know anything about me," John says to the phone.

There's hardly a pause before the reply appears: I know exactly everything about you, Mr. Reese.

John looks around. There are vantage points, sure, but no obvious observers, and while it's an okay spot for an ambush, it's a terrible one for taking someone alive. The phone chirps angrily in his hand. When he looks back at the screen, it informs him in a rapid-fire series of texts that he's worked for the government, that he had doubts about his work, that the entire world thinks he's dead, and that he's been drinking too much, probably because he's very lonely.

"What the hell," John says, softly.

The last message burns on the screen for several seconds before being replaced.

As I'm sure you can see, Mr. Reese, knowledge is not my problem. Doing something with that knowledge is where you'd come in.

You can call me Mr. Finch. I think we can help each other.

I think you need a job.
giandujakiss: (Default)

Re: FILL: Fledgling (Finch, Reese) [Not Rated] [No meme warnings so far] 2/?

[personal profile] giandujakiss 2013-07-19 03:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Hee, this is awesome!
talitha78: (Default)

Re: FILL: Fledgling (Finch, Reese) [Not Rated] [No meme warnings so far] 2/?

[personal profile] talitha78 2013-07-19 03:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Yay, very happy to see more of this! :D

Finch, Reese, friendship or slash, getting to know each other

(Anonymous) 2013-07-19 04:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Finch is a very practical man. He understands the importance of knowing the big things and the little things, and so he decides he is going to learn John and - his privacy notwithstanding - John is going to learn him.

For instance it's good to know that John is allergic to the latex in medical gloves, so that Harold can stock up on the non latex kind in his first aid kit. And it's good to know that John has a phobia of snakes, unlikely though it is that should every prove to be an issue. And that he's ticklish. Which probably isn't relevant to much, but you never know.

And he makes sure that John knows that if his back seizes, he needs heat and a solid flat surface to fix it. John knows what meds he's on. He knows what prescription Harold's glasses are, and that he absolutely does not like people standing to one side where he can't easily get a look at them.

Basically them building up levels of knowledge on each other, whether because one simply reveals it or because it comes out as a result of a case, a stupid accident, etc.

Finch/Reese or Finch, Reese, dark!Machine, manipulated Reese

(Anonymous) 2013-07-19 05:13 pm (UTC)(link)
The Machine loves Harold. And it will do anything to keep him safe. That means keeping John safe. So it does. Editing information on cases, acting on its own before John has a chance to get involved in a fight if it deems it mathematically probable that this time John will be killed or too seriously injured. Mark Snow dies when his itinerary is passed to a drug lord he crossed. Elias finds almost all of his bank accounts emptied with a email received warning him the rest will follow if he does not stop trying to acquire Reese as his new lieutenant. But that's not enough - it can't take the chance that someone will lure Reese away in another fashion. It cock blocks like a demon, making sure that no romantic entanglement will get between the guys. And if nudges them both towards each other, all the better to cement their relationship.

Bonus if the Machine knew the needs Finch would have, and manipulated things in Reese's life so that he would end up alone and on the run for Finch to track down and hire.

Finch/Reese, vampire!Finch, h/c, protectiveness, claiming, slightly crackish?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-19 06:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Finch becomes a vampire. Nothing else really changes.

John adapts (and starts taking iron supplements and stops eating garlic). The Machine texts them every day with the time of the sunrise and the sunset.

But if Elias even glances in John's direction one more time with that avaricious look on his face, Harold will probably coat the city with the blood of him and his lieutenants.

Just looking for vampire!Finch, who is not Angel and does not fly or change into wolves or bats and cannot put the glamour on people. And who still has an injured back and a liking for green tea.

Maybe eventually Harold turns John and even Bear because really, going on without them isn't possible.

Finch, Reese, rescue, angst, close calls - can be pre slash

(Anonymous) 2013-07-19 06:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Someone pushes Reese into the water while his hands are tied, stopping him swimming to safety. Finch doesn't hesitate - he jumps in right after him, and saves him, just as Fusco arrives and hauls the two of them out. John had just assumed Finch either didn't know how to swim or wouldn't be able to, and Harold tells him the story he told Carter, while John dries off.

Re: AU - Werewolves are known, Reese is one

(Anonymous) 2013-07-19 07:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Brilliant short fill! Werewolf!John still so in character.

Re: FILL: Fledgling (Finch, Reese) [Not Rated] [No meme warnings so far] 2/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-19 07:47 pm (UTC)(link)
please update again soon. can't wait to see reese's reaction when he's finally meeting little finch. :) i'm glad that you haven't forgetting nathan, he's kinda one of my favorite character in poi. can't wait to see what happen next.

Re: Cuffed, Reese & Finch, Reese in handcuffs, General, No Warnings

(Anonymous) 2013-07-19 08:13 pm (UTC)(link)
John might be drugged but he will never be less than lethally competent. And love protective, this-is-for-your-own-good!Harold.


(Anonymous) 2013-07-19 08:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, boys. Love that last line.

Re: Finch, Reese, friendship or slash, getting to know each other

(Anonymous) 2013-07-19 08:27 pm (UTC)(link)
I. Um. Unfffff. +1

Re: FILL: Distractions (Finch/Reese) [Teen] [No warnings]

(Anonymous) 2013-07-19 08:28 pm (UTC)(link)
LOL Harold don't tell me you didn't know the effect those jeans would have on John.

Re: Finch, Reese, rescue, angst, close calls - can be pre slash

(Anonymous) 2013-07-19 08:40 pm (UTC)(link)
dear anon,
how would you feel about this prompt also having finch being unable to really swim properly either, just being half a desperate fool and jumping in anyhow?