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Prompt Post 01

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Logan Pierce/John, consensual

(Anonymous) 2013-07-09 03:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Logan Pierce/John (whether as John Warren or as himself).

Pierce is reckless and arrogant and smug; there's no love there, but there's lust and a play for dominance - that Pierce ends up on the bottom of, and loving it.

Consensual, please.

Harold/Nathan, at least on Harold's side

(Anonymous) 2013-07-09 03:48 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm fine with unrequited, although I'd be ecstatic for some requitedness.

I've only seen up and including 2x15 so far, so there may be more flashbacks to support or contradict my headcanon, but I already have this headcanon of Harold having a thing for Nathan, with all the heartbreak that comes from what happens later.

(I can't get over the fact that Nathan built the Irrelevant List backdoor, while Harold was ready to put the project behind him (that's as far as I got with the flashbacks) but it's now Harold whose life is all about the Irrelevants.)

So, I neeed to read (or watch) some Finch/Nathan, please. :)

Re: Harold/Nathan, at least on Harold's side

(Anonymous) 2013-07-09 04:42 pm (UTC)(link)
oh wow that's what i thought too that harold might have a thing for nathan especially when he smiled at nathan at the pier second before the explosion that kill nathan... hope someone fill this... :)

Re: Harold/Nathan, at least on Harold's side

(Anonymous) 2013-07-09 04:45 pm (UTC)(link)
oops, sorry, i just re-read your prompt, sorry for the spoiler... my bad... :(

POI "Proteus" AU: Reese/Fahey, slash

(Anonymous) 2013-07-10 07:46 am (UTC)(link)
What Finch said during Proteus episode about the machine should have give them Alan Fahey's number...what if the machine did that? Reese had to stalk an FBI agent and realized he's dealing with an amateur, under-appreciated but dedicated agent. Reese has to get closer to Fahey to gain his trust hence the undercover within FBI headquarter. Meanwhile Fahey's unofficial investigation on Jack Rollin directed a certain killer's attention to him.

Re: SPN/POI crossover, Finch/Reese, angst, character death

(Anonymous) 2013-07-10 05:07 pm (UTC)(link)
If SPN / POI crossover and crossroad demon deals are what you're looking for, this fic may be RTYI:

FILL: all the things we don't talk about, Reese/Finch, 19/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-11 06:06 am (UTC)(link)
So... does anyone have any advice for writers who suddenly feel intimidated by their own story, and are too scared to write it in case it isn't as good as the story in their head? And yes I KNOW that is irrational.) Also... I'm really sorry about how long it is taking to get back to the porn. You'd think I could at least put in a masturbation sequence, but noooooo it's all plot. Apologies. (And seriously: advice? Please?)


Severin Scheffield's phone was such an old model that Reese couldn't piggyback it, and other than getting a good look at the kid and photographing the surroundings, they couldn't find out anything without getting into the school.

"I suppose I don't have much choice, Mr. Reese."

"I could just go talk to the kid, Finch."

"No, no. I'll make sure they need a substitute math teacher. I will be there by tomorrow, Mr. Reese."

"What'll I do until then?"

"Find out what you can about the school at the village nearby. I've booked you a room at the Merchant Arms, under the name John Andersen."

This turned out to be incredibly easy. The inn was attached to a tavern, whose owner was very chatty.

"Oh, taking photographs of the old place, are you?"

His name was Gerry, and he had the widest selection of beers on tap in New Hampshire. Not that it was any use for his main clientele. "The kids down at Owlsgate are too young, sad to say. They would sure love to get their hands on this fine brew, and heaven knows they can afford it."

Reese sipped politely at his brown ale. "It's very good beer, sir."

He smiled. "Call me Gerry. And try the cream ale next," he said, gesturing towards the taps. "And now tell me about yourself! You take photos for a magazine, eh? The teenagers won't even know what that means. They put everything on Instagram." He chuckled as he wiped down the counter. "Will you be taking photos of Owlsgate Academy?"

The man hardly let Reese get a word in. He was just showering Reese with information, and Reese hardly even needed to prompt him. By Reese's third beer, he'd told him the names of the last four headmasters, the latest teachers's gossip, and his favorite schoolkid pranks.

"I tell you, Mr. Anderson, this latest generation, they're taking pranks to a whole new level."

Reese's ears pricked up. "Are they?"

"Sure are. Them Owlsgate kids, they've been tearing the headmaster's patience to shreds these past few years. Internet is way too good for pranks, you know: gives them ideas. Though I have to tell you: they're good for business."

"What kind of pranks have they been pulling?" John asked.

"Well... the usual, you know: pouring water over cars in the middle of winter, putting office supplied in jello, that kind of thing. But sometimes they get creative. There's four of them, especially... I'm surprised you haven't heard about them. They've been in a national newspaper at least once."

"Is that so?"

"On April fools'... two years ago."

Four freshman students had placed dozens of mirrors next to the cafeteria windows, at just the right angle, so that the forest was hidden. The mirror reflected the field, and to all the students in the cafeteria, it had looked as tough the entire forest had been cut down. And then, the four of them had shut down the school's wifi, and switched all the newspapers being delivered that morning for counterfeit papers they'd made themselves, all including a story about the forest being cleared.

Reese was impressed.

"The four of them filmed the panic in the cafeteria, uploaded the video, and next thing you know, they're on the news. Next thing I know, the inn is full of journalists, and let me tell you, John: journalists sure love their drink."

"So no one was in danger, then."

Gerry seemed honestly perplexed. "In danger? Why would they be in danger?"

Re: FILL: all the things we don't talk about, Reese/Finch, 18/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-11 06:07 am (UTC)(link)
seriously... I have plans for the Severin character. UGH WHAT IF I DO A TERRIBLE JOB OF WRITING THIS


Re: SPN/POI crossover, Finch/Reese, angst, character death

(Anonymous) 2013-07-11 06:38 am (UTC)(link)
yes, i've read that fic, it's sort of why I'm inspired to ask for more fic but with specific SPN fusion of crossroad deal with the women or men in black dress or suit with glowing red eyes and with hellhound or at least the howling and stuff, the full package...
POI is my current obsession and I'M quite obsessed finding crossover fic with other favorite tv show like SPN.
Thank you, though, for pointing the link to that fic again. I read it once and saved it but I forgot the title and it's nice of you to point me to the right direction. :)

FILL: all the things we don't talk about, Reese/Finch, 20/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-12 03:35 am (UTC)(link)
Reese looked up the students as soon as he left the tavern.

They were called Rob Little, Samuel Black, Joan Patterson, and Peter Perkins, and Reese couldn't find anything incriminating about any of them. They were pranksters, just like Gerry said.

"Let's keep them in mind all the same, Mr. Reese. They are freshmen. They may have classes with Severin."

Finch was telling him to check up on obvious leads, now? Reese raised an eyebrow. Not that Finch could see it through the comm. "I keep everyone in mind, Finch."

An odd noise came through the line, as though Finch had just choked on something.

"You okay, Finch?"

"Yes. Yes. I will contact you when I arrive at Owlsgate. Good night Mr. Reese." Finch said, perfunctorily, and he cut off the connection.

The line went silent. For just a moment, Reese felt bereft.


Reese slept soundly, despite the unnatural silence of rural New Hampshire just outside his window. In the morning, he settled down with a long lens just outside the school'ss territory, and looked through every single dormitory window until he found Severin. Finch was about to find his dormitory location with school records soon enough, but it wouldn't exactly hurt to have a visual right away.

He watched Severin as he went to the cafeteria. He was alone, appeared unwashed, and clothes didn't seem to fit. His hair was long in a way that would have been attractively androgynous, had it been clean.

Reese didn't know what to make of him. Severin ate breakfast, ignored the other students, and wrote lengthy notes in the margins of a textbook. He didn't look like an outcast. He just looked sort of invisible. And maybe a little bit unhappy.

What's putting this kid in danger? Reese watched him for a while. The other students hardly seemed to notice Severin. The school seemed so peaceful - almost pastoral - like a boarding school in a book. Why would any teenager be in danger, in this place? The terrible danger of… Privilege? Entitlement? Really bad fashion choices?

Reese was just about the pick up his long lens and head out to survey the grounds, when four teenagers - a girl and three boys - surrounded Severin's table. The angles were awkward, but Reese managed to take photos of the four of them.

The girl was tall and gangly, with dark, artfully tousled hair, and seemed only mildly interested in the proceedings. One of the boys was very pale, wore a cardigan that seemed like he'd gotten it from someone's great-uncle, and he was standing close to a very, very handsome boy with black hair and a look of mild sociopathy in his eyes, the kind Reese usually associated with the very wealthy. The last one of the group was short, and stood slightly apart. Reese got the feeling that he didn't quite fit in with the others.

He couldn't hear what they were saying, but it didn't look friendly.

FILL: all the things we don't talk about, Reese/Finch, 21/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-12 06:35 am (UTC)(link)
I mistakenly referred to some students as freshmen in the earlier post; they're juniors (i.e. they are in their second-to-last year of high school)


Finch started teaching as soon as he arrived, and did his best to investigate the school from the inside, while Reese continued his investigation from the outside.

There wasn't much to know about the students. They liked bad music and were obsessed with their iPhones, and they were unexpectedly clever. They slept in class, both literally and figuratively, and then when Finch least expected it, they asked intelligent questions. Finch liked them.

Severin did well in the pop quiz Finch administered on the first day. There wasn't much more to know, as far as Finch could tell. Some slight reference to bullying in his school records, nothing else.

There wasn't much to know about the faculty, either. They were welcoming enough.

"Giving Fletcher's math classes, right?" A short-haired women thrust out a hand at him.

"Yes, that's right. Harold Swift." Finch smiled his most winning smile.

"And I am Mrs. Hall. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr. Swift."

Hall quickly introduced "Mr. Swift" to the entire teaching staff. They seemed harmless: not one warning bell was set off in Finch's mind. They were an eccentric bunch, but knowledgeable and kind.

The administration had assigned Finch one of the guest rooms, with huge windows that looked out to the forest. What a view. Though the school day was over and dinner had just ended, there was still some light out; he could just see the roofs of the village beyond the forest.

Finch put his earpiece in. "Where are you, Mr. Reese?"

"Looking at you, Finch."

Finch's heart lurched.

"I've..." He faltered. "I've accessed school records but there is nothing significant about our Severin Scheffield. Have any of the villagers said anything about him?"

Reese's voice came through, warm and familiar "No, Finch. Just a lot of chatter about some kids pulling pranks. I've sent you their names."

"I see..." Finch trailed off, looking at his computer screen. Reese had sent him dozens of photos that day. "What is your instinct telling you, Mr. Reese?"

"Nothing." Reese said, blunt. "Either the threat is something way out of left field, or these boarding school kids know more about secrecy and stealth than black ops agents."

"I fear it may be the latter, Mr. Reese."

"I did tell you teaching was a dangerous profession, Finch."

Finch sighed. "Perhaps that is why it feels so familiar to me, John."

John Reese/Will Ingram, slash

(Anonymous) 2013-07-12 04:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Will's number is up and Harold is panicking. To make sure Will's safety is guaranteed, Harold assigned John to be with Will 24 hours until the danger is over. John found Will adorable and ended up seducing him to his bed.

4400/POI: Maia, Reese & Finch

(Anonymous) 2013-07-12 07:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Reese and Finch met Maia Rutledge and they adopted her.

FILL: all the things we don't talk about, Reese/Finch, 22/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-13 04:44 am (UTC)(link)
So if you guys couldn't tell... I've never set foot in a boarding school So corrections are more than welcome, yeah?

(Like - should I change "cafeteria" to "dining hall"?)


Finch's second day at Owlsgate was almost as fruitless as the first. He found a way to identify the students's personal computers, but what he found on Severin's computer was disappointing. It had a file with some clever science fair project ideas, another file with some slightly creepy surveillance photos of a pretty girl, a frankly appalling selection of music, and the rest was all homework, homework, homework. He was just... a normal teen with above-average intelligence and a some social anxiety issues. Why has The Machine sent me your number, Severin?

So Finch tried to get information from the staff. "The students here certainly are well-behaved, Mrs. Hall," Finch commented over dinner.

Mrs. Hall, who taught most of the gym classes, rolled her eyes. "Are they? Don't let that fool you. Boarding school kids are very accomplished at disobedience."

Finch feigned ignorance. "Are they?"

"All those years of sneaking out of bed, you know. We try to monitor them, but honestly... We're outnumbered." Mrs. Hall shook her head. "We may have wit and wisdom, but we'll just never be able to top their collective intelligence."

Finch raised and eyebrow.

"Mrs. Hall is correct," a nearby teacher said. "They may seem polite and well-behaved but really Owlsgate is a co-educational St. Trinians'."

"Oh, dear."

"Well, perhaps we're a bit… tidier. But when it comes to covert and elaborate disobedience… Frankly, it's anybody's guess as to why the CIA doesn't just conduct recruitment drives on the premises."

Finch kept fishing as inconspicuously as he could. "From your lighthearted tone, I'm guessing their mischief has never put anyone in danger."

"Oh, heavens, no. Mostly we just have interrupted class time when the entire student body starts talking like pirates, that kind of thing. Or when we can't get into the classrooms because they've somehow filled them up with foam."

"I see. So the disruptions are caused by all the students? There aren't any… ringleaders?" Finch asked, as nonchalantly as he could manage. He winced. I hope Reese isn't listening in. His information-gathering techniques so amateurish.

Finch's dinner companions didn't seem to notice, however. They were pointed out four students seated at one of the long tables in the dining hall.

"See the four of them there? Sitting so close their heads are nearly touching?"

Finch looked. A girl, and three boys. "Yes, I see them."

"They thing we don't know, but they call themselves "The Marauders". I tell you - those four make so much trouble… Sometimes I wonder if they ever get any sleep."

Finch recognized them from Reese's surveillance photos. Could they be related to this? They aren't even sitting at Severin's table.


After dinner, Finch put their information together.

1) The names Reese had gotten from the bartender, Gerry, were the names of the four students Mrs. Hall had pointed out to him in the dining hall.

2) Those names were: Robert Little, Samuel Black, Joan Patterson, and Peter Perkins. Aka "The Marauders"

3) Reese had seen those four students talking to Severin during breakfast.

That was it. That was all the information they had.

"We're going to have to bug their rooms, Finch."

"I take your point." Finch looked outside, to where Reese was, undoubtedly, looking at him. "But how? This is a post-Tyler Clementi world, Mr. Reese. Teenagers can tell when their computer microphones on."

"I know, Finch. I brought some surveillance bugs. They might be clever little punks, but they're not in the CIA yet."

Re: FILL: all the things we don't talk about, Reese/Finch, 22/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-13 12:52 pm (UTC)(link)
*extended flailing over all the new story* Seriously, is this what you do when you feel intimidated by something -- think, "oh no, a scary thing," and then dive headfirst into it? OMG, I so support your life choices right now.

But yeah. Cleverness with mirrors! Reese flustering Finch! Finch liking his students, OMG I adore that paragraph. But then also, LAUGHING SO MUCH ABOUT THE INITIALS OF THE STUDENTS (even though it makes me worry about Severin all the more, aaahh)!

Re: FILL: all the things we don't talk about, Reese/Finch, 18/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-13 12:58 pm (UTC)(link)
bb it's going to be fine you are flawless, you know that right


Reese, Finch, Reese in trouble and Finch to the rescue

(Anonymous) 2013-07-13 02:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Reese ends up hooded and restrained in a abandoned building somewhere - for once he can't free himself. It's getting hard to breathe, his mouth is duct taped under the hood and he's pretty sure this could be it. But he still his ear piece and Finch manages to figure out he is in dire need of help. He keeps talking to Reese, keeping him calm, while he uses the GPS in his phone to track John down and then comes for him. Reese won't admit how badly shaken he is, but waking from a nightmare at the library he finds Finch has sat up watching him, despite how sore it's made his back, as if he was expecting the nightmare. But Finch is having his nightmare while awake, imagining if Reese had suffocated before he got there.

Can be slash if writer wishes!

Finch, Reese, Reese/OMC, possessiveness, claiming,

(Anonymous) 2013-07-13 03:33 pm (UTC)(link)
The boys have to go undercover - Finch as the nerdy rich guy; Reese as his aide/chauffeur; Fusco as Finch's security guy because they figure they need a third man this time around. The POI is a slimy creep, wealthy and entitled, and he decides Reece would be a nice addition to his staff. Lots of inappropriate physical contact, insinuations (some very wrong), most of which take place when Finch is not there or attention diverted. And Reece can't do anything about it because they need to stay in character. But Fusco is damned if he's going to stand there and watch that, and when push comes to shove, he steps in - he is Finch's security after all. POI can't take the hint though, and actually offers to 'buy' Reece off Finch. Finch then finds out from Fusco what happened and goes ape, and makes it very clear Reece is his. When they eventually take the POI down, POI is stunned at how BAMF Reece is, and Finch is all 'yep, he's mine and you're very lucky you didn't go too far because really it's me you have to worry about'.

FILL: all the things we don't talk about, Reese/Finch, 23/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-14 06:19 am (UTC)(link)
Reese slipped into the school just before lunch the next day, while Finch had a free period.

There were a few cameras in the school hallways, and Finch watched, while Reese made his way to the dormitories.

"The entire fourth floor is empty, Mr. Reese."

"Convenient." Reese answered, and made quick work of the room Severin shared with three other boys, setting up a a camera and microphone in the air vent.

He made his way to Joan Patterson's dorm next, where the air vent was inconveniently placed, but one of the cornices had a useful protuberance.

"I hate to backseat-spy, Mr. Reese," Finch said, "But did you happen to notice if the air vents and cornices were dusty?

"Yeah Finch, I noticed. They were covered with dust. No one's been in there in months."

"Good. I would hate for our marks to find the bugs because they happened to be storing their illegal substances in the same location."

Through the camera monitor, Finch saw Reese grin. "I like you, Finch. You're such a perfectionist when it comes to disrespecting privacy."

"And you enjoy your job far too much, Mr. Reese."

The remaining Marauders shared a dorm. "Helpful of them, really." Reese said, as he picked the lock. "What time is it?"

He still needed to get out without being seen. "You still have thirty-two minutes until the bell, Mr. Reese." Finch answered. Plenty of time...

Which was, of course, when Sam Black and Rob Little appeared on one of the monitors.

"Mr. Reese, two of the students are heading your way. Two of the students whose bedroom you are in are heading your way. You have approximately eight seconds." In a way, Finch was far less panicked than he'd been in other, similar, circumstances. There was a fear of discovery, certainly, but it was very unlikely that Reese would get shot. He sat back to watch the show.

Reese took five seconds to replace the air vent cover he was holding, and then, moving efficiently, he shut himself into the closet.

Sam and Rob came bounding into the dorm room.

"...Do you even, you deceitful freak?" Rob was saying.

Reese could just see them through the door panels. They were flushed, and Sam's arm was around Rob's shoulder.

Sam was grinning. "I can get anyone out of study hall, you know that. It's just a skill I was born with."

They went on teasing each other for several minutes. Reese typed out a text message as quickly as he could: "IF NEAR CLOSET SOUND FIRE ALARM"

Finch's voice quickly came through. "Understood, Mr. Reese."

Rob was speaking now. "Why didn't we come back here, Sam?" He asked, just before Sam gripped his wrist, pulled him close, and kissed him.

"Oh dear," Finch said, just as Reese thought: oh.

Sam kissed the other boy, from an angle where Reese couldn't see but he could hear. It was just as frenzied and passionate as Reese remembered from his own adolescence.

"What are you doing?" he heard Rob whisper.

"What does it look like?" Sam whispered back.

They moved towards the bed, and Reese heard them moan and sigh into each other's mouths.

"Mr. Reese." Finch's voice sounded strangled. "When you were in the CIA... I don't suppose there was a protocol for this type of situation?"

Re: FILL: all the things we don't talk about, Reese/Finch, 22/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-14 06:23 am (UTC)(link)
*tackle hug*

Reese, Finch, hurt/comfort, Ep missing scene 1.08 Foe

(Anonymous) 2013-07-14 09:15 am (UTC)(link)
Finch is going to have to speak to John about not telling him everything - because it's Fusco who reports the state he found John in, tied to a chair, post torture, towel around his neck.

Finch ends up feeding John pain killers and cleaning up everywhere the needles were inserted and sending John off to bed because he still hurts.

And John is still angry with himself for making that mistake and allowing himself to get close enough to his opponent for pressure points to be used on him.

FILL: all the things we don't talk about, Reese/Finch, 24/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-15 04:14 am (UTC)(link)
Once, early in his career, Reese had been sent to Ibiza to infiltrate a group of mercenaries. Just an information-gathering mission. In Ibiza. (Apparently, even mercenaries sometimes had to take vacations.) At the time, he and Kara Stanton had been partnered for less than a month, and Reese still felt awkward when they had to pose as a couple.

The CIA had booked them rooms next to their marks, in a bed and breakfast so upscale it wasn't even listed. Getting to know their marks hadn't even been difficult - Kara had just knocked at their door and asked to borrow a corkscrew, and twenty minutes later they'd all been enjoying a bottle of wine together. Kara made everyone laugh by poking fun at Reese's prudishness, and they were best friends before the morning.

But then, even after spending three entire days together, they had nothing. They hadn't learned a thing. Apparently, these guys never ever talked business with friends.

So one day, while the whole crew we out for the day, Kara and Reese stayed in, and Reese broke into their rooms.

He'd planted half a dozen bugs, and had finished cleaning up, when two of the men walked in the suite. Reese had had time to hop into a closet, mercifully undetected, but twenty minutes later, the men had gone from aimless chatting, to groping to obscene, energenic, and oddly emotional sex. And Reese had been trapped in the closet for nearly an hour, with their loud lovemaking sounds a few feet away, Kara's mocking voice in his earpiece, and a huge, painful erection in his pants.


And now here he was, in far too similar circumstances. Reese was completely frozen. The air around him felt thin and insufficient, and through his earpiece, he sound of Finch breathing seemed unnaturally magnified.

Re: FILL: all the things we don't talk about, Reese/Finch, 24/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-15 09:52 am (UTC)(link)
ahaha of course Stanton's policy was to enjoy Reese's suffering. /o\ Finch, perhaps... that fire alarm?

FILL: all the things we don't talk about, Reese/Finch, 25/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-16 04:04 am (UTC)(link)
When it had been Kara on the other end of the line, his discomfort had been passed off as mild homophobia. As far as he knew, it had never even occurred to Kara that he'd been aroused. At the time, she hadn't known much of anything about him, not really, and he hadn't cared about her opinion anyway.

But now. Now he… Now things we different.

It had been two years since he and Finch had met, and a month since they'd spent the night together. Reese had filed the memory of it away, and had successfully avoided thinking about it since. And he'd had been so good at quashing his libido. He'd done it so skillfully, so automatically, that he'd even hidden it from himself. He hadn't even known what he was hiding from himself.

But here, now, ten feet away, were two people expressing all the desire and longing and passion two people could have for each other. They were wild with it. The noises they were making made it sound as though they had been pining for each other for so long that they couldn't have stopped their cries now even if they wanted. And Reese was just… overcome. So suddenly and powerfully that he couldn't think. It was like that time in a Costa Rican prison when a bottle of water had been dangled under his nose, after he'd successfully forgotten how thirsty he was.

It was just so unfair. He was - he hadn't even known it, but all of a sudden, in that moment, he wished, he would have given anything, for Finch to want him the way those two boys wanted each other. He would have… he would even have settled for Finch expressing innocuous physical affection for him. Just… a hand on his shoulder. Just Finch's fingers in his hair. Just… Finch standing close enough to smell his laundry soap and… and leaning in a little bit.

On the other side of the closet door, Sam was fervently whispering "there's no one like you."

The fire alarm rang.

Re: FILL: all the things we don't talk about, Reese/Finch, 24/?

(Anonymous) 2013-07-16 04:05 am (UTC)(link)
yep, fire alarm