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Prompt Post 01

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Is the Machine Skynet?

[personal profile] loligo 2013-04-03 12:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Sarah Connor vs. John Reese. (OMG, I am a dork, I just now noticed the name connection...) Anyway, it would be heart-breaking, but glorious!

(Or you could make it a whole epic, and give them a common enemy like Root to unite against. And then we could have a Cameron vs. Root showdown!)
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Re: Fill: The Best Lies - Finch & Reese, Undercover as the Mob, Mature, No Warnings

[personal profile] icarus_chained 2013-04-03 01:26 pm (UTC)(link)
*grins, nods* SAJV was one of those shows that wasn't very objectively good, maybe, but it was an awful lot of fun. Heh. I miss it.
icarus_chained: phileas fogg, from sajv (phileas)

Re: Fill: The Best Lies - Finch & Reese, Undercover as the Mob, Mature, No Warnings

[personal profile] icarus_chained 2013-04-03 01:30 pm (UTC)(link)
*blinks, grins* I'm glad it worked for you! Heh. It went a little sideways to the prompt, but Harold was busy being simultaneously tragic and scary, and I kinda didn't have a lot of choice -_-;

Identity porn is love, particularly with these two. Heh. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed!
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Fill: Out Of It - Finch/Fusco, drugged kisses - General - No Warnings

[personal profile] neery 2013-04-03 02:41 pm (UTC)(link)
"Fusco! Heyyy!" Finch said happily, waving at him with one hand without seeming to notice the way it made the zip tie cut into his forearm. He was smiling widely, blinking at Fusco through unfocused eyes.

Fusco sighed. "You know, this is becoming a bit of a habit with you. What did they give you this time, huh?" He carefully cut through the ties. Finch didn't seem to be hurt, apart from being high as a kite.

"I don't know, but I liiiiiiike it," Finch told him earnestly.

Fusco snorted. "Good for you. Enjoy it while it lasts."

Finch let Fusco pull him to his feet easily enough, but he wasn't much help in keeping himself upright, and when Fusco tried to nudge him into walking, he started swaying wildly in Fusco's hold. "Oh, oh dear!" Finch said, and then he started giggling.

Fusco sighed. "Here, come on." He pulled Finch against his side, holding him tight with an arm around his waist. They staggered up the basement steps together, Fusco half guiding, half dragging Finch. Halfway up, Finch dropped his head onto Fusco's shoulder and closed his eyes. It didn't make it any easier to keep him going in a straight line, but on the other hand it meant he didn't need to see the corpses sprawled messily in the hallway, so Fusco certainly wasn't going to make him look.

He took Finch home to his place. Finch had safehouses, but right now, Fusco didn't trust him to make a good decision. The suit was still "unavailable", whatever the fuck that meant; so Fusco's crappy little apartment it was. If he'd known he was going to have Mr. Classy And Expensive over, he might have picked up the laundry from the floor. Not that Finch was in any shape to notice. He was still smiling dreamily, listing a little from side to side when Fusco propped him up against the wall.

Fusco switched on the overhead lights, and Finch abruptly stopped smiling. "Hey! Hey, you're hurt," he said, reaching out with an unsteady hand to touch the place where, oh, yeah, Fusco's jaw felt swollen and sore.

"It's nothing," Fusco said, a little more brusquely than he'd meant to. He'd been clumsy, slow, let a guy get the drop on him when he should have been paying better attention. If it had been Reese, he would have complained; just another instance of Wonder Boy's antics getting Fusco banged up. But Finch's wide-eyed sympathy was making him feel flustered.

"You got hurt saving me. It's not nothing," Finch told him earnestly. He didn't even seem to realize that his hand was still cupping Fusco's face, his thumb resting gently against the throbbing bruise.

"Yeah, yeah, come on, time to get you to bed," Fusco told him, shrugging his shoulders uncomfortably. God save him from affectionate stoners.

"No, I should – Detective," Finch said. He was drawing himself up, trying hard to look serious and composed and failing completely. His eyes weren't really tracking properly. "You're very… We're. I really… appreciate… your help. You're very brave," he said, and then he darted in to kiss the corner of Fusco's mouth, off-center and clumsy but still sort of sweet, despite the fact that Fusco had to grab him halfway through to keep him from overbalancing.

Fusco gently pushed him away, hearing his own laugh echo forced and uncomfortable in the narrow hallway. "Man, you're out of it."

"No, I mean it," Finch insisted.
"You're gonna be real pissed at yourself tomorrow, buddy," Fusco told him, propelling him gently forward with a hand between his shoulder blades. "Come on, let's get you to bed."

He sat Finch down in the armchair while he changed the sheets. Finch was going to be prickly and defensive tomorrow, and who the fuck could blame him; those drugs were a serious mindfuck. But Fusco had been on the receiving end of Finch's anger before, his dry, sarcastic wit, so sharp it took a while to even feel the sting. Fusco was going to have to grin and bear it, but the less he gave Finch to be politely cutting about, the better. At least Fusco wasn't going to have to hear about how he'd made Finch sleep in dirty sheets.

Finch collapsed in a boneless sprawl as soon as Fusco let him. Fusco winced at the angle of his neck, bent at the very limit of what Finch's body would allow for. If he let him sleep like that, Finch probably wouldn't be able to get out of bed tomorrow at all. He tried to prop him up a little with pillows. Finch put up no resistance, blinking slowly up at the ceiling while Finch arranged him like a doll.

Fusco collapsed on his couch in his clothes, dragged his blanket over himself and determinedly pushed away all thoughts of what had happened tonight. People said things when they were high; it meant nothing. He could savor it now, Finch's drunken words of praise, and then let it sting tomorrow when Finch woke up regretting every single thing that had come out of his mouth; or he could go the fuck to sleep and not think about any of it ever again.


Fusco woke up to Finch making coffee in his kitchen, prim and buttoned up. If it hadn't been for the slight wrinkles in his clothes, you couldn't have told that anything had happened at all.

"Good morning, detective," Finch said, in his usual brisk tone, and Fusco found himself relaxing slightly. Business as usual, then. If Finch wanted to pretend that nothing had happened, that was just fine by him.

Finch stayed for breakfast, although Fusco couldn't quite figure out why. Finch didn't actually drink any of the coffee he'd brewed, and from the queasy expression that flickered over his face for a second when Fusco offered to share his toast, he was feeling the effects of last night more than he let on.

"About last night," Finch said, when Fusco had finished the last piece of toast. Fusco bit down on a sigh. So they were going to do this after all. Finch was shifting uncomfortably in his chair.

"Can we not?" Fusco said. "You were high, you didn't mean it, I'm gonna forget it ever happened, how's that?"

Finch actually looked tempted for a second, and then he pressed his lips together and squared his shoulders. Fusco sighed. So much for the easy out.

"I did mean it," Finch said, and that was still his usual brisk, no-nonsense tone, so ordinary it took Fusco a second to comprehend what he'd said. "All of it," Finch added, and then he took a deep breath, marched around the table like a man bracing to go to war, and pressed a quick kiss to Fusco's mouth, sober and precise this time but somehow no less clumsy.

For a moment, they were close enough that Fusco could actually hear the faint chime of Finch's earbud activating, and his quiet little breath of relief just before he said: "I have to go."

He left Fusco sitting there, staring after him in stunned silence. In the doorway Finch turned around to give him a tight, shaky smile. "Thank you, Lionel. For everything," he said, and then the door closed behind him and he was gone.


Reese cooking, slash or gen

(Anonymous) 2013-04-03 03:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Something big has come up and Finch has collected Carter and Fusco / the whole Team Machine in one of his safe houses for a planning session. Reese cooks them all an excellent three course dinner from scratch. People are freaked out, Finch is amused.


Anything with Reese cooking, really.

Re: Fill: Out Of It - Finch/Fusco, drugged kisses - General - No Warnings

(Anonymous) 2013-04-03 04:12 pm (UTC)(link)
OP here! Oh, oh, oh! *scoops them up and snuggles them* Oh, this is perfect, this is adorable, thank you so much! Fusco, baby, they do appreciate you. Really, they do. *hugs him*

*grins, bounces* Thank you! Thank you so much!
aerye: (finch)

Re: Fill: The Best Lies - Finch & Reese, Undercover as the Mob, Mature, No Warnings

[personal profile] aerye 2013-04-03 08:00 pm (UTC)(link)
So much love for this! This is Harold distilled—you've captured him beautifully. Well, well done.
icarus_chained: phileas fogg, from sajv (phileas)

Re: Fill: The Best Lies - Finch & Reese, Undercover as the Mob, Mature, No Warnings

[personal profile] icarus_chained 2013-04-03 08:17 pm (UTC)(link)
*blushes, smiles* Thank you!

Dead Zone Fusion/AU

(Anonymous) 2013-04-03 09:35 pm (UTC)(link)
After a terrible accident that nearly crippled him and put him in a coma for [insert timeframe here], Finch wakes up with the ability to see through time. Finding himself inundated with predictions of violence all around him, he sets out to systemise his ability and do something about it.

But in an effort to stop the violence before it happens, he needs a partner ...


(Anonymous) 2013-04-03 09:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Anything at all, really, just always-a-girl!Finch. (I can't be the only one who wants this, can I?)

Finch/Carter, Undercover as a Couple

(Anonymous) 2013-04-03 09:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Gimme Finch in one of his rich businessman aliases having to go undercover at a big shindig, and bringing Carter because Reese can do many things, but look good in a cocktail dress isn't one of them.

Finch + Carter snark, Finch being a gentleman, Joss getting the chance to knock some snide bastard on his ass, Reese grumbling to himself over the comms, all of these would be much appreciated bonuses.

POI/The Equalizer Crossover

(Anonymous) 2013-04-03 09:49 pm (UTC)(link)
I honestly do not care how you manage it, or how you make the intervening 20-odd years of time go away, but the POI team meeting Robert McCall. Hell, maybe Reese plays chess with him in the park or something? I don't know.

POI/Iron Man Crossover - Joss Carter/James Rhodes

(Anonymous) 2013-04-03 09:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Don't even care. Just those two in the same space.
annchi: Elizabeth Shaw (Default)

Re: Reese/Finch, Culture AU

[personal profile] annchi 2013-04-03 10:52 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm a huge fan and I love this idea, so ++1!

(I want to try it myself but doubt I could pull it off, even if I wasn't gutted by the news about Banks.)

Leon Tao/Logan Pierce, troublemakers

(Anonymous) 2013-04-03 11:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Because imagine how much trouble they could get into *together*... and because everyone deserves to meet their own eccentric billionaire...

Any characters, a conversation that passes the Bechdel test

(Anonymous) 2013-04-03 11:04 pm (UTC)(link)
I really liked Root and Shaw's scene in "Relevance" just because we so rarely see two women in that kind of scene. So, how about something that passes the Bechdel Test: do any two female characters have a conversation about something that isn't a man?

Everyone has a scar or mark somewhere that matches their soulmate's

(Anonymous) 2013-04-03 11:12 pm (UTC)(link)
What can I say, I'm a huge sucker for those Magical Realism AUs where everybody in the world has a mark of some kind that matches their soulmate's. ("Soulmate" could be romantic, could be platonic life partners, co-workers who inspire each other, ultimate nemesis/rival, etc.)

Maybe in modern times, some people get these removed/covered because they don't want to be bound by tradition... if Reese has ever thought about it at all, he probably assumes Finch has had his removed for privacy reasons. Reese, of course, had to have *his* mark removed when he joined the CIA.

But, secretly sometimes he wonders...
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Re: Fill: The Best Lies - Finch & Reese, Undercover as the Mob, Mature, No Warnings

[personal profile] sam80853 2013-04-04 01:12 am (UTC)(link)

Wonderfully written!
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Re: Fill: The Best Lies - Finch & Reese, Undercover as the Mob, Mature, No Warnings

[personal profile] eris 2013-04-04 01:20 am (UTC)(link)
oh my goodness this is perfect. Finch is so chillingly believable, it's sort of heart-breaking (oh he hates to see the firearms, but of course he is always listening).

Re: Finch/Reese, Swordspoint AU

(Anonymous) 2013-04-04 01:30 am (UTC)(link)
i just realised i'd done this when it posted, but i can't delete anon comments? or will you delete it once i've reposted.
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Fill: For King and Country, Finch/Reese, [Teen] [Choose Not To Warn]

[personal profile] killalla 2013-04-04 01:31 am (UTC)(link)
Dear Prompter,

I hope the following is close enough to the terms of your description to satisfy – it’s set in the Angevin Empire of Randall Garret’s Lord Darcy Mysteries. The millieu features an Anglo-French feudal nobility and a working magic system, however, its geo-politics are closer to the Age of Sail and its technology is closer to Victorian. It's also a bit on the long side (for my usual, anyway) so I've posted a link.

Swordspoint AU, Finch/Reese, General so far, no warnings so far.

(Anonymous) 2013-04-04 01:33 am (UTC)(link)
‘Finch has a new swordsman.’

Finch? Are you sure you don’t mean Lynch?’

‘Lynch is a swordsman, why would he need one of his own?’

‘Finch barely leaves his house. What does he need a blade for?’

‘He’ll want to kill Snow, obviously -- ‘

‘Oh, obviously --’

‘Everyone knows Snow killed Ingram, and Finch can’t just let it slide.’

‘I heard Finch was in on it. Needed the inheritance.’

‘For what? He’s already rolling in gold.’

‘ -- best sword in the country -- ‘

‘Who, Finch’s?’

‘No, Snow.’

‘Finch’s man is a nobody.’

The news travelled across the city, from the dingiest bar in Riverside up to the cleanest drawing room on the Hill. Lord Finch, after years of distancing himself from the interesting parts of high society, had gone and hired himself a blade.

Money of various denominations was already changing hands, but the safest bet was that Finch wanted to avenge the death of his cousin, Lord Ingram. Snow had already been proven not-guilty in a court of law, and the final step a gentleman could take was to challenge him to a duel. Not that it would do Finch much good. Snow’s swordswoman was, famously, the best, and Finch wasn’t known for his expertise in the field of close combat. Or anywhere else, really. The man was a dullard, and was sure to embarrass himself in a very public way. In other words, the whole situation was turning out to be very entertaining.


In an unfashionable, book-filled house on the Hill, two men were sitting down to dinner. One, tall and dressed in black, was eating with the enthusiasm of someone unused to having servants bring him food when he needed it. The other was picking at his dinner daintily, like a bird. In fact, there was a lot about him that was bird-like. A beaky nose; blinking, bespectacled eyes like an owl’s. He was Harold Finch, the richest and most boring man in the city.

‘Not that I don’t appreciate all this,’ said the man in black. ‘But you must know I can’t beat Shaw. I can duel a little, but I’m used to... a heavier blade.’ His face didn’t show much, but there was something about his voice that indicated just what he thought about the daintiness of a rapier.

‘I don’t need you to beat her,’ said Finch. ‘I just need the duel to take place. Then honour will have been upheld, and we can get down to the real business of killing Snow. There’s no need to dispose of a perfectly good swordswoman in the process. Although ideally you should try to win, since I’ll be less of a suspect if it seems like I already... ‘

‘Had your revenge?’

‘I prefer to think of it as justice, Mr Reese. But yes.’

Mr Reese sat back from the table, stretching his long legs in front of him. ‘Why not just hire a swordsman?’

‘Well, partly because swordsmen can be bought. Which against all odds, you can’t.’ At this, Reese shifted uncomfortably. Not caring about money was something dangerously close to honour, and Reese was certain that he’d lost his honour long ago. ‘But mostly because I don’t want a swordsman. I want a killer.’

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Re: Swordspoint AU, Finch/Reese, General so far, no warnings so far.

[personal profile] astolat 2013-04-04 01:34 am (UTC)(link)
ohhhh I LOVE this <3

Re: Swordspoint AU, Finch/Reese, General so far, no warnings so far.

(Anonymous) 2013-04-04 01:35 am (UTC)(link)