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Re: AU - Werewolves are known, Reese is one

a short tumblr fill because GUS IS A DICK. i might do more later but I thought OP would like to see it too.

John as a wolf is very slightly silvered around his muzzle and a darker grey-black about the color of wetly burning wood-smoke everywhere else; his ruff is thick enough to bury Harold’s hand in soft, coarse fur and he is so tall that his shoulder reaches Harold’s waist. He’s sitting on his haunches beside Harold, watching Elias with unreadable eyes. He might be a statue, but if Elias moves within a certain distance of Harold, a low growl rumbles in his throat, a growl more vibration than actual sound.

Elias smiles benignly, keeps out of the radius John has chosen. “John’s control is very good,” he says. “I’ve never seen one of his type so calm on the full moon.”

John’s lip curls back to show just a hint of fang. Elias might be able to attack Harold before John brings him down, but John will bring him down for it, and Elias won’t survive long enough to see if he would change with the bite. Harold says, “He is always very composed,” and drops his hand on John’s head, curling his hand around his hard skull.

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