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Prompt Post 01

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Finch/Nathan, eventual Finch/Nathan/Reese, POI AU, Nathan doesn't die, bottom!Reese

(Anonymous) 2013-07-20 07:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Finch still gets hurt, but Nathan doesn't die. Other than that the plan goes ahead, but with a Finch who might still be distrustful but isn't so brutally damaged. They track down and recruit Reese, who unfortunately is still as damaged as his canon counterpart. Very quickly they bring him into their relationship, spotting that left without someone to ground him, someone for him to belong to, he will not manage on his own. Loving, protective Nathan and Finch please, taking good care of their asset.

Re: Finch/Nathan, eventual Finch/Nathan/Reese, POI AU, Nathan doesn't die, bottom!Reese

(Anonymous) 2013-07-21 09:27 pm (UTC)(link)
oh OUCH. When I have more time I might try this. MAYBE. @__@ Because this must be done.

Finch, Reese or Finch+Reese - held down

(Anonymous) 2013-07-21 07:21 am (UTC)(link)
For reasons, Finch has to hold Reese down. Maybe he's hurt and trying to move, maybe's he tied up again and blindfolded and panicked, and if he'll just hold still Finch will be able to untie him. Maybe's he's fevered and weak but trying to get up.

Bonus if Fusco then comes to help, but John only struggles harder until it's just Finch.

Finch, Reese, caretaking, Finch has to give Reese a shower

(Anonymous) 2013-07-21 08:22 pm (UTC)(link)
The latest number works in a lab and a fight / accident there means Reese gets covered in some sort of chemical. It's not lethal but it does cause confusion and disorientation. Reese makes it back to the library, and Finch hurriedly strips him and pushes him into the shower, has to get in with him to make sure he is ok. And Reese is bewildered, a little scared, because he's not exactly sure who this other man is, but he seems to be genuinely worried about Reese so he relents to his care.

Finch/Reese - tattoos

(Anonymous) 2013-07-23 07:53 pm (UTC)(link)
1. Either Finch or Reese discovers the other has a tattoo (while performing first aid for some injury?)

2. ????

3. Sex!!!
astolat: lady of shalott weaving in black and white (Default)

Inscribed (Finch/Reese) - no warnings, not explicit

[personal profile] astolat 2013-08-12 02:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Fill also posted here on the AO3! Inscribed :D

John didn't have the capacity to notice anything else until he'd cut Harold's jacket and shirt off and confirmed the bullet from the .45 had gone by instead of through. Harold had his teeth clenched; John gave him a shot of morphine and a strip of leather to bite down on while he put six neat stitches along the deep bloody gash, his hands steady even though his gut was still clenched into a knot.

"Shouldn't we — " Harold said, muzzily, while John put on a gauze pad and wrapped him up. Harold was looking past him, at the corner where Richard Dake's body was lying sprawled and face down, exit wounds out the back of the skull and the chest.

"No," John said. The rats and the cockroaches could clean Dake up. He helped Harold stand and turned him around. Harold went, docile, and John was about to drape his own jacket over Harold's shoulders when he saw it: the tattoo was decent-sized, covering nearly all of Harold's left shoulder, an odd circular design like a gear with words curving around it: We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.

John stared. He would have been less shocked to find Harold carrying a gun. Harold stood there listing slightly to one side, but after a minute of total silence he lurched forward, and John jerked himself out of confusion. He got the jacket onto Harold and guided him outside and into the car.

John took him back to his own apartment. The wound wasn't dangerous, and Harold would have told him the address of whatever safehouse he was staying in this week or month, but he fell asleep in the front seat even before John pulled out, which was all the excuse John needed. Harold didn't protest when John led him upstairs. Bear was there at the door with an anxious bark, pushing his head under Harold's hand. "Oh, I'll be just fine," Harold told Bear vaguely with a pat, and went straight for the bed without any further direction. He was asleep again instantly.

John went to the bathroom to wash the blood off his hands and get a washcloth. He came out and gently cleaned up Harold's arm and back, wiping dried blood off the letters. They were smooth and faded to dark grey: ten years old and more. Harold didn't stir. Afterwards, John eased the covers out from under him and covered him up. He stood over the bed for almost half an hour, just listening to Harold's even breathing, before he turned away and went to the laptop for the source: Alan Turing, and Wikipedia gave him the picture of the rotating drums from the machine that had broken the Enigma code.

John read the rest of Turing's entry and closed the laptop. The room was dark. He looked out at the endless city lights, one for each of eight million lives. None of them would have noticed if Harold had been the one who went out tonight. John wanted to shut his eyes, but he didn't want to see it again on the inside of his eyelids: the muzzle flash, the crack of the gun, Harold going over backwards with a gasp and a spurt of blood bright red in the warehouse ceiling light.

Bear whined softly at his knee. John's hands were clenched into fists, resting on his legs. He uncurled them and stood up and looked at the couch, and then he crossed the room back to the bed. Harold was curled onto his good arm. There was plenty of room. John took off his clothes and got under the covers.

Harold stirred first in the morning, but John was awake before he opened his eyes. His mouth was drawn a little with pain. He looked at John and his face creased, puzzled.

"I like the tattoo," John said, and Harold went pink and embarrassed. And then wide-eyed when John leaned in, slow enough to give him a chance to pull back.

Harold didn't pull back. His hand drifted up to John's cheek while they kissed. "Nathan all but dared me into it," he murmured afterwards, with a wistful note. "He didn't believe I'd do it, either."

John let his hand slide over Harold's back and spread his fingers across the tattoo. He leaned forward and kissed Harold's shoulder, and drew him down to the bed.

Carter/Reese, threatened dub-con, handcuffs, mischevious!Carter

(Anonymous) 2013-07-23 09:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Remember when Carter said she'd imagined Reese in the back seat of her cruiser but in handcuffs? And Reese replied each to their own....

Well, somehow Carter finds Reese in just such a situation...all helpless... and she gets him a little flustered by taunting him about all the things she could do to him and he couldn't do a thing about it.

Of course she's just messing with him, getting a little of her own back after all the stress he's caused her.

Bonus if she ends up stealing a kiss, and then Reese just slips out of the handcuffs and disappears into the night all smug (but privately a little mortified because it's Carter).

Now Carter's the one who's flustered because actually - yeah, she'd totally do him.

Re: Carter/Reese, threatened dub-con, handcuffs, mischevious!Carter

(Anonymous) 2013-07-23 11:57 pm (UTC)(link)
+1 Do want!

Finch, Reese - magical AU, Reese is Finch's familiar

(Anonymous) 2013-07-23 09:15 pm (UTC)(link)
So everything's the same except that Finch is a techno-mage. He needs a familiar, and finds Reese - alone, on the run. Up to you if Reese can shift to an animal form or not...

Finch, Reese, friendly fire, accidental injury, H/C

(Anonymous) 2013-07-24 08:17 pm (UTC)(link)
So maybe Finch forgets about that pile of books he left on the floor, and in the dark (up to writer!nonny why John would be walking around the library at the dark...) and he trips right over them. It's not a serious hurt but still, ow.

Or maybe Finch gives John the wrong direction over the comms and John ends up stumbling down some steps when he's chasing someone (or running from someone).

I just want to see guilty Finch and reassuring John.

Of course if the hurt is from something Finch says offhand that cuts John deep, it might take Finch a while to realise what he did. But either way I'd like to see him put it right and take care of Reese.

Finch, Reese, Carter, Bear, hurt!John, badass!Finch, (library siege)

(Anonymous) 2013-07-24 08:41 pm (UTC)(link)
John either is hurt or gets sick (nothing life threatening but it does need dealt with - maybe a separated shoulder or stomach flu), and has to be hospitalised. Finch sets him up a cover identity - the disgraced son of a reclusive billionaire - and has him admitted and treated at a very private hospital. While's he's sedated and recovering, Carter keeps watch over him, which leaves Finch and Bear at the library.

But long before Finch ever bought over the library, someone hid something there of immense value...and now they'd like it back. They lay siege to the library, forcing Finch to come up with increasingly resourceful ideas at first to keep them out, and then to hide from them and hamper their progress as he tries to figure out what they want and whether it is safe to give it to them. Basically Finch and Bear doing Die Hard.

And once it's all resolved, John waking up to see them both there, and asking how they are and Finch totally glossing over it because he doesn't want John to feel guilty about not being there when they needed him and he needs John to concentrate on getting better.

Finch, Reese, Reese/male eventual Finch/Reese, POI AU, stalked!John

(Anonymous) 2013-07-27 01:42 pm (UTC)(link)
John is the new guy working in the office at the limo company. He helps Zoe get a car in a rush, and she warms to him. He seems a little under the weight of everything, though, and they start an careful friendship. Finally she learns that he is being stalked - by someone becoming increasingly intrusive. Zoe can do many things, but dealing with this is beyond her skills. But she knows someone who can help - Harold Finch and his team of 'handlers' (Joss Carter and Lionel Fusco - Bear is Harold's assistance / guard dog). She foots Harold's bill and encourages a reluctant John to take their help. Gradually they learn to trust and like each other and well, things go from there. Up to nonny who the stalker is (could be Elias, maybe Logan). But John tried to tough it out at first before admitting he did need help.

Finch, Reese, using Finch to lure Reese out, h/c

(Anonymous) 2013-07-29 06:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Remember the scene in T2 where the T1000 stabs Sarah in the shoulder and tells her "I know this hurts, call to John." Someone does something similiar to Harold, but he won't do it. And then, finally, he tells the bad guy 'I don't have to,' because John is now standing behind him.
callmecathy: Blue Bird (Default)

Fill: Be Still (Harold/John) [Teen] [Graphic Violence (maybe)]

[personal profile] callmecathy 2013-08-26 03:17 am (UTC)(link)
A/N: OP, I changed the details just a bit, and it occurs to me that I possibly hijacked this prompt. My apologies. But I still hope you like it. =)

"Finch, I left Jacobs with Fusco at the safe house. What about your end?"

Harold taps a key, tabbing across to a new window. "Almost done," He says, surveying the digital records of the altered books Jacobs had attempted to inform the police of. The office is abandoned, monitors powered down; the walls flicker with streetlights and headlights from two floors below. "I'll be down shortly." He says.

"I'll be there in five."

The bar flashes green. "Harrison and the rest of his associates are not going to give up. They'll keep trying to find Mr. Jacobs."

"Just get me a location."

"Bringing one up now." He uses one hand to pull the thumb drive from its port as he runs a GPS track on Harrison. "Oh."

"What's wrong?"

Because of course John can tell that something is wrong from the single syllable, they know every meaning to a hitched breath or an edged word, either given or received across the line: they have to. It's how they stay alive.

"It seems," Harold says, watching the dot converge on his own, "that they're here."

"I'm coming--"

Cold, against the side of his neck. He freezes.

"Give me your phone." A man's voice, smooth and pressed as his suit. Harold reaches into his pocket and extends it. "And your ear piece."

Harold shifts in his chair, slowly. Six men, all armed and well-dressed; shadows glance off them as traffic rolls past below. Harrison crushes the ear piece under his foot, keeps the phone in his hand.

"Where's your partner?" Harrison asks. "I'd like a word with him. He caused injury to quite a few of my associates today." His knife-- his knife?-- glints in the half-light.

Blurred noises are coming from the phone's speaker. Harrison places it on the edge of the table and shifts closer to Harold.

"It's on speaker," Harrison says, toying with the knife. "He can hear you. Call to your partner."

Harold has his fingers clenched tight around the edge of the swivel chair. His eyes flick to the phone, then off.

It's fast, the switchblade flashing and the pain, spiking through his shoulder, warm spread of heat and blood. Harold is too shocked to cry out.

"Call to him," Harrison tells Harold, "call to your friend," and the blade twists. Harold chokes back a moan. The man closes in, closer than the distance of the blade in his shoulder. Harrison presses the phone into his hand. "I know it hurts." He says, hand settling back onto the handle of the blade. "Call for your partner."

"He doesn't have to." John's voice is barely above a whisper, but Finch hears it. The men turn in one swift motion and then Reese is moving, except moving is barely the right word, not when he's blurring past the tables with that predator's grace, one hand on a gun and the other reaching for the nearest man, twisting him in front of himself, using him as a shield.

The bullets plow into Harrison's man. John drops him, spinning behind a cabinet. "Down, Finch." John shouts, and Harold dives to the floor.

It hurts.

His elbow slams into the swivel chair a moment before Harrison hits the ground, clawing at his shoulder-- which Harold might put to ironic coincidence, except it's John, so of course it isn't. Harrison still has his gun. He rolls, aiming it as John ducks a blow from another man. Harold latches onto the chair and shoves it forward, over Harrison's hand; he's rewarded with a yell of pain when John's next shots takes Harrison twice in the other shoulder.

Harold knows the second shot is redundant.

The last man darts out of cover, gun arcing up. John turns, not fast enough. The four bullets hit John in the chest.

"Reese!" Harold shouts, and John squeezes off two shots as he falls, behind the line of monitors. "John--" Harold pulls himself to his feet, can barely even feel the pain under the tight raging void of no in his head, scrambles around the tables and drops to his knees. John's still, on his side. Blood seeps through his shirt. "John, J--"

He rolls over, coughing. "Relax, Finch. It's just a graze." A grimace as he probes at his ribs. "Good thing I put on a vest this morning."

Harold crumples the excess of John's shirt in his hands. "Good thing they didn't aim for your head." He hisses.

"You're shoulder." He says, reaching out, coming away with blood; the knife is gone, must have been jostled out in the fall, which explains the pain. "It's not too deep. Messy." He blinks, like a wince.

There are sirens wailing, far-off.

"I called Carter." John comments. "In case I didn't make it out, you'd have back-up."

Harold looks at him, because those words-- unacceptable, they are simply unacceptable. His hands are still fisted in John's shirt and he's hanging on to him; he's been doing so long enough now that there's no way not to notice.

There's a stirring there in John's eyes, something Harold thinks he already has decoded. But the sirens are still in the air and then John has his hand girded around Harold's arm, angling himself so Harold can barely see the men and the blood on the floor past John's figure. He knows what John's doing. He lets him anyway. They leave the office, reach the street.

"Must have lost my keys back there." John says, patting his pockets as they stand under the streetlight. He fishes out a wire-- apparently he carries mangled coat hangers around with him, which is amusing if not alarming-- and presses it against the lock.

Harold sighs and produces a key from his coat. They have copies to each other's cars, to apartments, to safe houses: yet more precautions.

John holds his hand out.

Harold glares at him. "You're not driving. You were shot, Mr. Reese."

"Your shoulder's worse." Which is probably true. But it's the ease with which he writes off his injuries that irks Harold.

John shrugs, under lamplight and shadows, and Harold's skin aches with want. Possibly need. When exactly those two words became equivalent expressions is a dangerous uncertainty. "Unless it actually penetrates skin," John continues, "I'm not sure it can be counted as shot--"

Harold grabs John's coat by the lapels and pulls him close, kisses him hard. And it tastes frantic and desperate and afraid, because in their line of work, maybe fear replaces ardor. And Harold hates that. He really, really hates that. It occurs to him that he's made an uncertain move, which is something he does exactly right next to never-- but it's too late to backpedal now, he can see it in John's eyes: a dozen things clicking into place like a lock, or maybe they're locks being opened. A ragged noise emerges from John's throat. He leans in, winding his arms around Harold's shoulders and waist and pulling him forward, impossibly closer.

When they draw back, John's expression is one that Harold has only ever been able to classify as his "spade for a spade" look: a tilt of the head and half-raised eyebrows. "Okay," John says, resolved, and then kisses him again, draws him deeper, as the fear plows in strong as a riptide-- but it's more than that this time, Harold was right: it's past want. He knows he needs to stop. He needs to simplify this equation. Except he has loved and learned and lost, and he knows that there is no simplifying this.

The sirens drift through the night and John breaks away, snagging the keys out of Harold's hand on an giddy hitch of a breath, and swings the door open for him. Harold climbs in; his hands are shaking hard enough that he doubts he could drive if he tried.

They park six blocks from the safe house, Harold insists. "Predictability is vulnerability", and he has a clenching, dreadful feeling that he has just began a vulnerability that surpasses all others. Or perhaps, Harold thinks, as John brushes against his uninjured shoulder, it's been a predictability, all along.

The first aid kit is within easy reach. John lays out disinfectant and gauze and a needle and a bag rattles as Harold fixes an ice pack; they pull up two chairs and sit in front of each other, knees to knees.

Harold hands John the ice. The graze arcs wide enough to require stitches; Harold runs the needle through the sub-dermal layers, fingers sure and disconcertingly practiced at this point-- he's learned how to do a lot of things since their venture started. He's relearned just as many or more.

John patches up his shoulder, nimble and careful; more Lidocaine, he asks, and Harold shakes his head. They've done this, far too many times. But suddenly every lingering touch that had been passed off as accidental before means infinitely more now: John's fingers brushing against Harold's collarbone as he moves away from his shoulder, Harold's hands flitting along John's side as he deals with the graze, and what have I done is just an voidless little regret that isn't. It should be, and it isn't.

They clean up quietly. John bins the bloody bandages and gauze and Harold slowly, as slowly as he reasonably can, returns the first aid kit to its original state. The kitchen hums with silence.

Harold latches the kit, a sharp final snap through the room. He stares at it; John is looking at him: he can feel the graveness of it, the waiting eyes. Harold raises his head. "This is exceedingly unadvisable."

He meets his gaze with a terrible, terrible acceptance. "Yeah," John agrees, "I figured." and turns and heads towards the bedroom.

They are tight rope walkers living on the decision to never look down.

He's waiting for Harold at the doorway.

Harold is stepping inside when he stops, places the flats of his palms against John's chest: pushing him away, needing him close. One last-ditch effort to keep the night from upending. Because it makes no sense: to love, only to lose; except that makes no sense either, it's the same as saying there's no point in living, just to die. But knowing and logic and reason are nothing, those are data and circuitry, the easy parts. It's John who makes him feel all too alive.

He envelops Harold's wrists in his hands. "I can't offer you four years," John says, "but I can give you tonight."

Harold's throat is so tight that it hurts. "Never took you for a man who opted for one-night stands."

A flicker of a smile. "For as many as we have."

The room is spare; there are neither calendars on the walls or planners in the drawers. Harold isn't sure he believes in such things anymore. He isn't sure he believes in anything but "now".

He lets one of his hands slide down to tangle around John's, and then Harold pulls them towards the bed.
Edited 2013-08-26 16:13 (UTC)

Reese, Finch, body swap

(Anonymous) 2013-07-29 07:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Somehow, John and Harold end up swapping bodies. While they try to figure out how to get the situation reversed, it presents several logistical problems. As Finch said, the numbers never stop coming...but John with his knowledge of combat and tactics is now in a body not equipped to use those skills; and Finch is in a body that is physically capable of all of those things but in the hands of something lacking the knowledge to do them. How do they manage?

Bonus if Finch's back seizes badly at one point, and Harold (in John's body) has to help John deal with it. When they get things sorted, John asks Harold if there have been times he's been in that much pain and not said, and makes Harold promise not to do that again.

Reese/ Finch: bloodloss making Reese dopey/stupid

(Anonymous) 2013-08-04 02:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Reese is seriously injured and the bloodloss is making him dopey. He doesn't think it's too bad, it can't be when it doesn't hurt all that much, right?

He doesn't want Finch's help and perhaps struggles against him, just generally acts really stupid.

I'd love if it started with Reese out on his own and Finch at the library trying to reason with him over the comm and finally realizing that he needs to go and get John to safety because he won't do so on his won.
callmecathy: Blue Bird (Default)

Re: Reese/ Finch: bloodloss making Reese dopey/stupid

[personal profile] callmecathy 2013-08-04 10:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, I like this one. I'll definitely try to fill this, as soon as I post the last chapter to a WIP of mine.

Re: Reese/ Finch: bloodloss making Reese dopey/stupid

(Anonymous) - 2013-08-05 00:55 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Reese/ Finch: bloodloss making Reese dopey/stupid

(Anonymous) - 2013-08-05 19:33 (UTC) - Expand

Finch/Reese, POI AU, psychic!Finch, FBI!Reese, pre slash to slash

(Anonymous) 2013-08-12 07:30 pm (UTC)(link)
FBI Agent John Reese is rarely suprised, but he can't help it when his life is saved by stranger Harold Finch. Finch claims to be psychic and offers to help Reese on the quiet. Reese's time in the army taught him to keep an open mind, but he doesn't exactly believe in psychic powers. All the same, Finch's information is...uncanny. So either he is psychic or he has access to some unbelievably accurate source of intelligence. While accepting Harold's help, John resolves to find out the truth about him. While Finch wants him to or not.

Elias/Scarface, Finch/Reese, character swap

(Anonymous) 2013-08-12 07:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Elias is the traumatised son of a murdered woman, using a network of informants throughout the city to provide him with the information he and his associate need to protect people.

Harold Finch is the billionaire genius determined to avenge the people who took his friend Nathan from him, tried to kill him, and condemned his bodyguard/assassin John Reese to a life of cruelty and deprivation until Harold rescued him.

They have a grudging respect for each other, but still - they are both in each other's way.

Reese, any, Finch's obssessive admire targets John

(Anonymous) 2013-08-13 06:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Finch has himself an obsessive admirer (or rather one of his personas does). He wants to emulate Finch in all respects; he's rich enough, he dresses like him, eats at the same restaurants. But to really carry it off, he needs John. He can obtain copies of everything else Finch has but John is unique.

OMC doesn't know anything about the machine, or what the boys are involved in, he's just in the type of places that Finch typically goes to and John sometimes ends up at too. (He can either think John is Finch's trophy boyfriend, or PA, etc)

Finch can put up with the rest of it, but when he realises that John is at risk, he very quickly takes steps to deal with that. Up to writer what he does, but bonus if John never realises the danger he's in (maybe just thinks that Finch is being even more paranoid about him than usual).

And for a while after that Finch is ultra possessive of Reese.

Finch has abusive father, Tender!Reese, hurt/comfort

(Anonymous) 2013-08-14 08:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Finch's abusive father, who he hasn't seen since he ranaway from home (you can change the details) comes up as a number. Cue to moral angst for Finch as he wars with the desire to help save him or let him blow in the wind. Reese, after and/or while, helping the father, finds out about the abuse. Up to you to decide how he reacts.
Kudos for hurt/comfort from Reese.

Reese/Finch: You've Got Mail AU

(Anonymous) 2013-08-19 09:52 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm thinking of a You've Got Mail AU with Reese and Finch (and Bear, of course!). Obviously, they both have to be using some kind of online chat, perhaps even online dating, but without giving away who they are. Maybe they have become curious after protecting Maxine...

They are still working the numbers together and at some point one of them picks up on the other's identity.

I would love if it's not all lovey-dovey. Their work may become a problem, like Reese won't answer mails for a few days when he's out on a stake-out, or it's just that they have to make up things and don't keep track of what they said or something like that.

I think it would work with both of them as the one who finds out about the other's true identity:
a) Finch finds out and thinks that he can't actually have feelings for Reese and doesn't reply anymore at first, or
b) Reese finds out and thinks that he can't ever tell Finch because he wouldn't want him anyway...

That's basically it. I'm absolutely open for different ideas though :)

Reese/Finch or Reese + Finch, protective!Finch to the rescue (attempted non con)

(Anonymous) 2013-08-20 09:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Reese ends up tied by somebody with less than noble intentions. Finch knows his asset is in trouble and arrives in time to see the guy stroking his hand down Reese's chest, kissing his throat, everything to try and make Reese feel vulnerable.

And Finch goes nuts in a typically Finch like manner. But it's afterwards, not just that day or the next, that has Reese looking at Finch funny. Because all of a sudden he is ultra possessive. To the point where it's starting to get awkward. Clearly, he and Finch need to have a talk...

Where that leads is up to nonny!

Finch, Fusco - working a case without John, hurt!John has to rescue them anyway

(Anonymous) 2013-08-20 09:10 pm (UTC)(link)
John gets sick and Finch refuses to let him run around chasing people and fighting with a high temperature. But they have a number, so Finch persuades Fusco to step up. And Carter to keep an eye on John and make sure he doesn't try to get involved anyway. Fusco ends up having to play the rich playboy and he is so awful at it that John and Carter watch the video feed and listen in with increasing horror. Finch's suggestions aren't helping, and it's no surprise when it all goes wrong and John has to go save them anyway.

And no they are never letting Fusco live this down.
(deleted comment)

Finch/Reese, POI AU, first time, hurt!Boys

(Anonymous) 2013-08-20 09:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Finch is the most overworked ADA in the prosecutors' department, and the most successful although he always manages to keep anybody from noticing. He prefers to keep to the shadows.

Detective John Reese in homicide notices, though, when Finch helps him save one of his cases after a dirty cop almost ruins it. It's the start of a friendship that could be more if they can both get over their trust issues.

Bonus if Reese gets hurt on a case and Finch goes to pick him up from the ER which surprise Reese because he hadn't expected anybody to come for him.

Fusco, Reese, hurt/comfort, Fusco caring for Reese

(Anonymous) 2013-08-21 12:47 am (UTC)(link)
Finch can't get to the safehouse where Fusco has Reese, who seems to have been drugged. Finch tries to give Fusco instructions over the comm, but Fusco knows what he's doing thank you very much. He strips Reese, firstly checking for an injection site which he finds and then so he can get him into a cold bath to bring his temperature down. Reese fights him on instinct (maybe letting slip in his delirium that the last time someone shoved him into a cold bath it was not with the best of intentions) but Fusco can handle him when he's hurt like this. Reese eventually comes around having been dried off, put in sleep pants and tucked in bed. Fusco puts it down to Reese still being out of it that he sees him there, and still goes back to sleep.

Finch/Reese - competence kink

(Anonymous) 2013-08-22 09:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Reese is turned on by Finch's big ... brain. (Yeah, okay, that's the show, but still.)

Finch/Reese, Root, forced trust fall, Reese in danger

(Anonymous) 2013-08-24 12:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Root will never be done playing games with them. She has information they need, and in order to get it all John has to do is a trust fall. He is forced to put himself in a situation where he could get really hurt if Finch doesn't get there (handcuffed to something in a rough area of town, locked up in an abandoned building, made to take a sedative that will ultimately arrest his breathing, etc). Root thinks there's no way Harold will get there in time to rescue him so she gives John the information.

John thinks that despite everything, Root really doesn't know Harold if she thinks that. And Harold thinks Root must not know by now that anyone who poses a threat to John will be dealt with, by the machine if not by him.

Finch/Reese or Finch and Reese, protective BAMF Finch

(Anonymous) 2013-08-24 02:45 pm (UTC)(link)
I'd just like to see Harold threatening someone over John - maybe someone has hold of him, has got in his space, maybe it's Logan Pierce becoming a stalking pain in the ass. Just Harold totally making them respect and fear the the small guy in the suit and glasses because he will destroy your world.

Fusco/Reese, PTSD, angry protective!Fusco, dub-con, needy!Reese

(Anonymous) 2013-08-26 05:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Finch gets hurt - minor but he's out of commission for a few days and he asks Fusco to take on a special mission.

He wants him to follow John.

Fusco is reluctant - Wonder Boy practically has eyes in the back of his head and if he catches him on his tail, Lionel expects to get thrown through a wall. But he can tell Finch is worried, so he agrees.

What he finds horrifies him - Reese tied up, thick length of material tied over his mouth, while some guy basically molests him. Fusco jumps in to save him and beats the guy up. It's only when he threatens to call Finch that Reese snaps out of it and tells him it's not what it looks like, and Finch is not going to know anything about this.

Fusco avoids them for a few days, realising that Reese let himself be put in that situation. Then after a close call John shows up at his door, desperate and Fusco can't turn him away. Fusco basically dominating John but in a caring way, determined to show him he can get what he needs without putting himself in the dubious care of strangers. He forces a promise from John that he won't go to anyone else for this from now on.

Finch doesn't find out what was going on but accepts Fusco's assurance that it's dealt with.