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Prompt Post 01

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(Anonymous) 2013-04-27 11:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Fusco's willing to do anything if Reese will only help him stay out of prison. Anything.

Fill: No Half Measures (Reese/Fusco, dub con, minor violence)

[personal profile] huggle 2013-11-10 08:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Filled over at AO3. Maybe not quite what you were looking for but I hope you like it!

No Half Measures (1141 words) by Huggle
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Person of Interest (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Lionel Fusco/John Reese
Characters: Lionel Fusco, John Reese
Additional Tags: Desperation, Fusco has issues, Fear, Dubious Consent

Fusco is desperate - everything is closing in on him. If he only has one chance to get out from under, he's going to take it.

John/Harold, obedience spell

(Anonymous) 2013-04-27 11:15 pm (UTC)(link)
John accidentally ends up under a spell that forces him to do everything Harold tells him to.

John and Harold, pretending to be bad guys

(Anonymous) 2013-04-27 11:17 pm (UTC)(link)
John's been captured. To save him, Harold has to pretend to be some sort of assassin/torturer, and is forced to hurt John in front of the kidnappers.

Reese/Finch, S/M

(Anonymous) 2013-04-27 11:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Reese has a secret sadism kink he's deeply ashamed of, because he thinks it's just further proof that he's a bad guy and a dangerous monster. Finch finds out.

Reese/Finch - Harold Wren's number comes up

(Anonymous) 2013-04-28 03:55 pm (UTC)(link)
The number of one of Harold's aliases comes up - Wren, or maybe someone else. It's just an ordinary mundane thing - one of Harold's identities somehow accidentally got mixed up in something. But Harold has to really occupy the identity to solve the mystery, and Reese has to protect him, etc.

Re: Reese/Finch - Harold Wren's number comes up

(Anonymous) 2013-04-28 04:12 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm soo waiting for them to do this on the actual show!

Re: Reese/Finch - Harold Wren's number comes up

(Anonymous) - 2013-04-28 16:15 (UTC) - Expand
yunitsa: Sexby and Angelica from The Devil's Whore; 17th c. woman in dark cloak with man in hat behind her (Default)

Finch/Reese, swearing

[personal profile] yunitsa 2013-04-28 07:28 pm (UTC)(link)
So [personal profile] hedda62 has some interesting thoughts here about whether she can imagine PoI characters using strong language, and I said I could see both Finch and Reese swearing in extreme extremis -- in which case it would underline the atypicality of the situation.

And now I'd really like to see a situation in which John or Harold would curse, and how the other one reacts.

a variant of ''Reese seduces Finch for trust and information''

(Anonymous) 2013-04-28 07:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Finch pov, in the beginning of season one:

Reese attempts to seduce Finch to gain his trust and personal information and Finch lets him, because- Well, sex is sex and and he is curious about what Reese's endgame is. Does he really think this will work?
Finch even plays along, letting Reese think he's succeeding, that Finch is actually developing feelings for him. He could have been, Finch thinks, easily, if they had met under other circumstances.

Reese is a surprisingly affectionate person- No, it's the CIA that trained him well, Finch reminds himself.

But actually Reese really means it. He did it all because he wanted to and he's so happy Finch is feeling the same way.

Finch discovers this in the most horrible way when when-

Well, that's up to you, dear writer :D

Re: a variant of ''Reese seduces Finch for trust and information''

(Anonymous) 2013-04-30 07:06 pm (UTC)(link)
I know OP's listed the POV as "Finch, in the beginning of season one", but I was wondering if you'd be all right with a story that extends past that (i.e. middle of season 1, maybe even stretching to season 2)?

Grace's new love interest is a Number

[identity profile] 2013-04-29 06:51 am (UTC)(link)
Or Grace herself, I suppose, but more I was thinking of Harold and Reese trying to figure out if this new guy is bad, good, in between, and wresting with the desire to get him the hell away from Grace any which way. Also, Harold battling the urge to reveal himself, Reese "subtly" (as subtle as he gets) intimidating the hell out of the guy and shuttered disapproval of Grace's move onward (with or without a conflicting urge to hope she DOES move on should the story go Rinchy, which I have a personal thing for), the both of them maybe trying to keep Carter and Fusco from figuring out Grace's connection, and Bear pulling things out of Grace's house that smell like Harold.

Um. Any or all of that--forgive if this is a prompt already that I missed.

Reese suspects past Finch/Nathan Ingram

(Anonymous) 2013-04-29 11:51 am (UTC)(link)
Reese doesn't have hard evidence, but he's pretty sure.

Could be unrequited Finch/Ingram -- up to the author. Reese/Finch preslash or first time is an added bonus!

Re: Reese suspects past Finch/Nathan Ingram

(Anonymous) 2013-04-29 02:10 pm (UTC)(link)
o__o I really shouldn't. But I might try this. No promises but we'll see. o__o

Something about 42, Finch and Machine

(Anonymous) 2013-04-29 02:29 pm (UTC)(link)
or 42 and Finch, or 42 and Machine

Re: Something about 42, Finch and Machine

[identity profile] 2013-04-30 06:59 am (UTC)(link)
If we could throw some mice in, I would DIE!! Great idea!

Reese, Carter and the picture

(Anonymous) 2013-04-29 03:59 pm (UTC)(link)
It's got to happen eventually, right? Reese finds out about Carter having the picture of him and Jessica, maybe she even decides to give it to him.

I know that's been done before, but I don't want Reese to be understanding and forgiving. I want him to be mad at her and reminded of his time with Jessica.

If you could add Finch in the mix as his emotional sounding board that would be great. [Maybe it'll even turn into something more?]

Re: Reese, Carter and the picture

(Anonymous) 2013-04-30 09:00 am (UTC)(link)
I feel like I read something along these lines that was good. Sadly I don't remember the title/author, but maybe someone else knows it? As far as I recall, John broke into Carter's apartment to set surveillance, found the photo, and went into an angst spiral.

Re: Reese, Carter and the picture

(Anonymous) - 2013-04-30 10:59 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Reese, Carter and the picture

(Anonymous) - 2013-04-30 16:13 (UTC) - Expand

Finch/Reese - Finch thinks Reese is too vulnerable to make judgments about sex

(Anonymous) 2013-04-29 04:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Reese keeps trying to seduce Finch; Finch is attracted to Reese but refuses because he thinks Reese is too emotionally vulnerable to Finch to make those judgments. He knows that Reese thinks that Finch, and their work, saved him - Finch feels like sleeping with Reese would be taking advantage of him.

Somehow, it all works out in the end with true love.

Reese/Finch memory loss

(Anonymous) 2013-04-29 06:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Reese/Finch established.

Finch loses his memory of everything that happened after 'the accident' with all the consequences (he doesn't recognize Reese, maybe thinks Nathan is still alive and so on, details up to the writer)

Reese desperately tries to gain Finch's trust and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid but is also broken-hearted because he's afraid he lost the most important person in his life.

Reese's childhood or high school friend is a number

(Anonymous) 2013-04-30 01:30 am (UTC)(link)
The new number is a high school friend or acquaintance of Reese's. Finch listens to their conversations and learns things about Reese, Reese's past, or Reese's thoughts about his own past that surprise him.
killalla: (Default)

Reese/Finch, One Night

[personal profile] killalla 2013-04-30 06:38 am (UTC)(link)
There are some lovely stories out there where our heroes acknowledge that their relationship is not a one time thing, but because I love bittersweet downer endings, I'd also like to see a story where they only get one night together.

So, perhaps Reese finally gets his suicide mission, and this gives him the courage to confess and ask Finch as a last request? Or vice versa? Bonus points for the other not guessing, not even imagining that there was mutual attraction until the very end, and one or both of them facing their death with a laugh and a smile.
Edited 2013-04-30 19:59 (UTC)
hedda62: Harold Finch in his HAT (hat baby)

Re: Reese/Finch, One Night

[personal profile] hedda62 2013-05-06 04:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh dear, this is disturbingly compelling. I have trouble with the idea that Finch would let Reese go on a suicide mission, so maybe it's all Reese's idea and Finch doesn't know he's made this choice until it's too late? oh my heart ow. Although Finch aware and reluctantly allowing Reese to go through with it would perhaps be even more painful. *is glutton for punishment*

All I can promise right now is to think about it, i.e. let it batter my heart and brain for a while and see if anything pops out. But lovely idea.

Reese/Finch - they're not alone anymore

(Anonymous) 2013-04-30 12:07 pm (UTC)(link)
In Trojan Horse, Reese tells Shaw that they may be walking in the dark, but they don't have to walk alone - which is a huge change for him from the Pilot and early S1. And Finch, obviously, has been alone at least since Nathan's death/his own faked death for Grace, and probably was somewhat alone before then if only because he was lying to them both about who he was. I'd love to see a story that focuses on Reese and Finch gradually recognizing that they aren't lonely anymore, because now they have each other.

Re: Reese/Finch - they're not alone anymore

(Anonymous) 2013-04-30 04:29 pm (UTC)(link)
yes please... ;__;

Reese/Finch - Reese tries to sacrifice himself for Finch

(Anonymous) 2013-04-30 07:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Finch is in some kind of danger and Reese essentially goes on what he thinks will be a suicide mission in order to rescue him. Of course, somehow, Reese survives, and afterwards, Finch shows him just how unacceptable that kind of risk is.

Re: Reese/Finch - Reese tries to sacrifice himself for Finch

(Anonymous) 2013-05-03 11:52 am (UTC)(link)
Seconded hard!

Reese/Finch - flashback

(Anonymous) 2013-05-01 02:24 am (UTC)(link)
Reese has some kind of flashback to torture he endured while he was with the CIA - or maybe even a flashback to torture he inflicted or something else horrible he did. Finch helps him through it.

Finch/Reese: The bow tie

(Anonymous) 2013-05-02 03:58 pm (UTC)(link)
In One Percent, Finch assumes Reese knows how to tie a bow tie. But he actually doesn't know (or pretends not to just to irritate Finch) so Finch has to help out.

When Finch accidentally ties the bow tie too tight Reese reacts rather unexpectedly...

...he becomes aroused and it leads to them experimenting with erotic asphyxiation.
...he has a flashback to a time in the past when he was actually strangled by someone.

[I had these two totally different ideas how this might play out and I can't decide which one I'd like to see more so I'll just put both versions out here, and maybe someone is interested in writing one or the other. I hope it's not too confusing.]

annchi: Elizabeth Shaw (Default)

Finch/Reese -- Reese confesses his feelings in handwritten letters

[personal profile] annchi 2013-05-03 12:18 am (UTC)(link)
... and hides them in the library. Finch finds them while Reese is out on a very risky mission. Whether Reese didn't want Finch to find the letters or secretly hoped he would is up to the filler.
annchi: Elizabeth Shaw (Default)

Finch/Reese -- Finch begins to hear the Machine as a literal voice in his head.

[personal profile] annchi 2013-05-03 12:25 am (UTC)(link)
How will Reese cope now that Finch might be losing touch with reality? Is Finch just "hearing things," or is the Machine really speaking to him?

(Posted two prompts in a row, I hope that's OK!)

Reese/Finch - identifying marks

(Anonymous) 2013-05-03 12:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Finch is creating medical records for John's cover identity, and he needs data.

Bugged Glasses

(Anonymous) 2013-05-03 01:24 pm (UTC)(link)
In 2.21 we learn that Reese has a tracking device in Finch's glasses. How did he manage that one? Generally people only take off their glasses when they sleep...
yunitsa: Sexby and Angelica from The Devil's Whore; 17th c. woman in dark cloak with man in hat behind her (Default)

Mini-fill: "When I care about someone" [Reese/Finch] [General] [No warnings apply]

[personal profile] yunitsa 2013-05-03 05:15 pm (UTC)(link)
[I have so many feelings about that single line of dialogue.]

Finch is asleep at his desk when John gets to the library, awkwardly contorted with his head pillowed on his arms next to the keyboard. He’s been asleep long enough that the computers have locked and the monitors shut down, so John can’t see what he was working on all night, but he would bet that Finch is still trying to figure out the purpose of the virus targeting the Machine. His glasses are off, neatly folded on the desk beside him.

John has been waiting for this – even before Stanton, before the rooftop, ever since Root took Harold and threatened to return for him. He’s been waiting, but there hasn’t been the opportunity – Finch has always been alert around him, first watching for any hints of coddling and then just his usual guardedness, as much a part of him as the exquisitely-tailored suits. Which isn’t to say that sometimes – increasingly often, if he’s honest – John hasn’t entertained fantasies of how he might manage to get that guard down, long enough to plant the bug and more besides. But if the worst happens, if Root returns, fantasy won't be enough.

Moving carefully, he picks up the glasses from the table, opens them, takes out the little box he always carries in his jacket pocket. It takes less than a minute before he’s able to set the glasses down again, impossibly gently, the metal joins momentarily warmed with his touch.

For ninety seconds further, he stands there looking down at Harold – the faint frown on his sleeping face, the shallow rise and fall of his breathing. He’ll be in pain when he wakes up. John’s own limbs ache with longing and inaction; before he leaves to buy tea and donuts, he touches the glasses again, just once, and tells himself that that’s enough.

Fainting Finch

(Anonymous) 2013-05-03 04:36 pm (UTC)(link)
I want, really quite badly, a fainting Finch. Reese on hand to make sure he was alright would just about leave me kissing your feet...

Fill: Breadcrumbs, Adult, offscreen non/con and D/s (1/3)

[personal profile] huggle 2013-09-11 05:05 am (UTC)(link)
“I assure you, I asked for lemon. Lemon. This is not lemon.”

“...and I don’t know why you even asked me here, if you just wanted to tell me that....”

“If I say yes, have the cheesecake, and you can’t get into that dress on Friday, somehow it’ll be my fault.”

It was all background noise, and Finch treated it as such. Tuned it out mostly, though he retained an attentiveness for anything that might be a cause for concern, and let his eyes wander the restaurant while making it look like innocent curiosity.

A diversion for a man eating alone.

“Are you ready to order, sir?”

He didn’t jump, and was rather pleased with himself over it. He did look up at John, and frowned at the impertinent smirk he received in return.

“What would you recommend?” he asked, waspishly. Only three weeks into their working relationship and he’d already seen that Reese was a pusher of boundaries.

“The duck’s good.”

“The duck-” Harold closed his eyes briefly. Another thing he’d observed was that his new employee was very good at inducing migraines. “There isn’t duck on the menu, Mr. Reese.”

“No? I’ll have a word with the management.”

Harold closed his menu with a snap. “Salad.”

“Would sir like anything to drink?”

Harold stared at him until John tucked the order pad back into his apron. “I hope you don’t expect a tip.”

He watched John head to the kitchen. A little more time to organise a more suitable cover would have been preferable, but since their latest number – the restaurant owner/manager – virtually lived out of the establishment the odds of him getting into trouble anywhere else were minimal.

But the restaurant’s high staff turnover had been an opportunity – and possibly a clue – that couldn’t be ignored. So it really had been the best possible way of infiltrating their number’s daily routine and investigating that peculiarity.

All the same, other than his deliberate misbehaviour at his table, Finch had to admit John made sure he looked and acted the part with every customer. If he wasn’t careful, the restaurant manager might offer John a permanent job here – provided he wasn’t a perpetrator rather than a victim. If that proved to be the case, the man’s opinion on Mr. Reese might go sharply downhill.

Still, Harold was sure his benefits package could easily surpass anything Elliot Baxter could offer John.

Baxter himself appeared then from the kitchen. He did a walkthrough of the restaurant, engaging briefly with this diner or that one, appearing every inch the affable boss. It was off somehow, though – perhaps in the way his eyes lingered too long on some tables and the way he ignored some staff but put his hands on others to instruct them out of his way.

He passed Harold’s table, and Harold took the opportunity to force pair their phones.

The tactic didn’t yield much in the way of pertinent information, just several texts sent over the course of the past week to someone called Peter L.

Peter L it appeared wasn’t interested in responding. Finch pondered on that and started a reverse directory search on the mobile number. In the meantime, he skimmed through the sent messages and saw why they had gone unanswered.

Also, that Baxter did not like to be ignored.

And of course, he recalled that there had been one Peter Lindstrom among the list of Baxter’s recent ex-employees.

The salad was suddenly set in front of him, and Finch wondered if John had managed to find out anything from eavesdropping among the other staff.

“I don’t suppose,” he started, and trailed off as a young woman with red hair smiled down at him.

“Is there something else you’d like?” she asked.

“Well, you’re not the man who took my order,” he managed. What was Reese up to?

“I’m sorry, he had to speak to the manager. If there’s anything else you need, I’ll be happy to get it for you.”

Finch declined, and felt a surge of frustration as she went to serve at another table. Really, he was in the same establishment as Reese, and he knew less about what the ex-operative was doing than if he was in the library and Reese only connected to him by an open channel.

It didn’t help that he was suddenly concerned. Summoned alone to speak to their number could mean he’d picked up that Reese was perhaps not as experienced at waiting tables as he’d let on. It could be that Reese had spotted something indicative of the threat they were here to resolve and decided to act.

It could be that the manager was the threat in which case Reese might already be in a difficult situation.

Finch picked at the salad, telling himself that Reese was more than capable of defending himself against any peril. It wasn’t as if he could go striding into the staff only section and start opening doors until he found his employee.

And if he stumbled into a physical confrontation between Reese and the manager – well, it would be short lived, for one – he would not be of any real use to the former soldier. More likely he would simply be in the way or prove a distraction for John, having to worry about his safety as well as winning the fight.

All the same, when John didn’t appear again in the next few minutes, Harold found himself quite unsettled. Decided, he got up and walked between the tables and straight through the employees’ only door. He was fortunate that it was a busy night and no one seemed to notice his intrusion.

He found himself in a long corridor with only two doors. The one at the end had an illuminated ‘fire escape’ sign above it. The other was simply a door, and Finch had his fingers wrapped around the handle, ‘I’m sorry, I thought this was the bathroom,’ already on his lips.

Harold shoved the door open and, when he saw who was inside, entered and quickly closed it behind him.
hedda62: Harold Finch, half in shadow, text: Oh, Mr. Finch (finch)

[personal profile] hedda62 2013-05-03 05:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Still emoting here after 2.21, but I so badly want the children's book written by Root and illustrated by Grace. About a little bird named Harold. With a HAT.

Or anything about Root and Grace, really.
orockthro: George with glasses and "NERD" written on her forehead (Default)

[personal profile] orockthro 2013-05-03 06:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Screw you for making me want to draw this. XD (I totally might...)
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Re: ART FILL: A Children's Primer to Code

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Re: ART FILL: A Children's Primer to Code

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Re: ART FILL: A Children's Primer to Code

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