aprilvalentine: (Finch thinking of Reese)
aprilvalentine ([personal profile] aprilvalentine) wrote in [community profile] meme_of_interest 2013-08-06 03:17 pm (UTC)

POI slash discussion

I'm looking for places -- besides here -- to discuss aspects of rinch and other slash in POI. Is there any regular comm on DW or do most folks just post on their journals individually with reaction posts etc?

I haven't spent as much time on DW as I have on LJ and while I joined this comm a little while ago, I really hadn't spent much time exploring it, aside from reading some of the fic posted on AO3, until last night. And I mean all last night. Sigh... I was very happy to be bleary eyed when I finally fell asleep and happy to have found fics that I hadn't seen anywhere else yet and to revisit ones I'd read before. The prompts, the comments, the writing of the fills... it's all wonderful and I can see I'll be hanging out here a lot! Wonderful comm -- just had to say.

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