Someone wrote in [community profile] meme_of_interest 2013-04-08 02:12 am (UTC)

thoughts on rewatching 1x02

I was re-watching 1x02 last night and they haven't even brought in the earbuds yet... Reese is either holding a phone up to his ear in every scene where he talks to Finch, or he has a huge dorky bluetooth stuck in his ear. Gotta say, neither one makes him look cool or tough, or is practical for a fight scene.

There is SO MUCH cute stuff in this episode. Finch doing push-ups because Reese mentioned it! Finch's hilarious blonde nosy co-worker! Nathan bringing Finch awards and tiny bottles from the mini-bar! John getting taken out by a small girl with a small knife!

Also, this is probably the first time John tries to feed someone in order to make them feel better-- he orders Theresa Whittaker a hamburger from room service, without her even asking or mentioning that she's hungry. :3

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