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Welcome to the Person of Interest kink meme! All characters, pairings, tropes, kinks and types of fanworks are welcome here. If you haven't participated in a kink meme before, please read the FAQ before jumping in.

FAQ / Participation Guidelines

What is a kink meme?  )

Do I have to be anonymous to participate?  )

How do I post a prompt?  )

How do I post a fill?  )

How should subject lines be formatted?  )

What rating/warning system is used here?  )

How do I nest a long fill so it's easy to read?  )

What should not be posted here?  )

What is the spoiler policy here?  )

What is the Chatter Post for?  )

This FAQ has been based on and adapted from the FAQs of many previous kink memes including [ profile] norsekink, [ profile] inception_kink, [ profile] teenwolfkink and [ profile] sherlockbbc_fic.

Your current mods are [personal profile] charloween, [personal profile] killalla, [personal profile] liviapenn and [personal profile] neery. If you have a question, comment or suggestion that is not addressed in the FAQ, please leave a comment on the Mod Contact Post, as that is the fastest way to get a response from the mod team.

The current fill archivist/bookmarker is [ profile] ofsevenseas. Fills are bookmarked at [ profile] meme_of_interest. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about bookmarking fills on the meme, please leave a comment on the Filled Prompts Post and the mods or [ profile] ofsevenseas will get back to you.

Updated 4/2/13 edited warnings section slightly for clarity, typos.
Updated 4/4/13 to add ofsevenseas as meme archivist.
Updated 4/6/13 to add link to meme pinboard account.
Updated 4/9/13 to add information on the Meme_of_Interest AO3 Collection and tag.

Quick Links: FAQ / Participation Guidelines / Prompt Post 01 & Prompt Post 01 in flat view / Filled Prompts Post / Chatter Post & Chatter Post in flat view / Mod Contact Post
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