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Person of Interest Kink Meme: FAQ and Participation Guidelines

Welcome to the Person of Interest kink meme! All characters, pairings, tropes, kinks and types of fanworks are welcome here. If you haven't participated in a kink meme before, please read the FAQ before jumping in.

FAQ / Participation Guidelines

What is a kink meme?

A kink meme is a community where you can leave a prompt in order to inspire a fanwork, and someone may come along and create a fanwork based on that prompt. It is also a collection of prompts you can browse for inspiration. Prompts and fills can be any rating, from General Audiences to Explicit. Despite the name, fanworks posted here do not have to be kinky or even feature a pairing.

All types of fanworks are encouraged (art, vid, picspam, icon set, fanmix, gif set, etc.) as well as prompts for all types of fanworks.

Do I have to be anonymous to participate?

Anonymous participation is allowed and encouraged, but not required. You can post prompts (and fills) either anonymously, or logged in to your account or a sock account. IP tracking is off, and will remain that way.

How do I post a prompt?

The current prompt post is Prompt Post 01. Prompts should be posted there.

Please use subject lines for your prompts so that people can easily find or skip prompts.

Please post one prompt per comment. It's okay to leave one prompt with several different variations on one idea ("I would like to see John become a vampire. Either Kara, Snow or Root could be the vampire who turns him.") but try not to post several different prompts in one comment. ("I would like a John/Harold AU where they're in SPACE. Or a Vampire!John AU. Or Leon in a corset.")

Do not post the same prompt repeatedly. Post it once, and then once there's a new prompt post, you can post it again there.

There is no limit on how many separate prompts you can post, but if you can, please try to participate by filling as well.

How do I post a fill?

First, make sure you are posting your fill as a direct response to the prompt that inspired it. Remember to click the 'Reply' link directly under the prompt, and not the 'Leave a comment' link at the bottom of the page.

How should subject lines be formatted?

A comment that contains (or links to) a fill should contain the following information in the subject line. Please use this format:


If possible, please use an actual title, even if it is just a few keywords or a summary of the prompt. For example, if you can't think of a snazzy title for your picture of Harold and John as werewolves, just use "Werewolves" or "Werewolf AU." Try not to use a generic title like Untitled, Untitled Ficlet, Untitled Doodle, etc. Using specific titles/title keywords makes it easier for people who are following the meme in flat view, easier for mod archivists & other people who are bookmarking fills, and just generally easier for people to remember which fill is which.

What is the rating system used here?

For simplicity of use (and ease of bookmarking) the meme will use the same rating system as the AO3. This means that the following ratings should be used:

[General Audiences] (or just "General") if you need to save space in your subject line)
[Not Rated]

What is the content warning system used here?

Again, the meme will use the same system as the AO3. If your fill contains explicit depictions of the following subjects, you should indicate that by using one of the following labels:

[Major character death]
[Graphic violence]
[Choose not to warn]

If it does not depict any of these subjects, you can label your fill [No meme warnings apply] or [Warnings: none] or leave it blank. Use [Choose not to warn] if you do not wish to use these warnings.

If you want to warn for other subjects, you can add them in the subject line, or in the comment itself.

How are we defining 'underage?' Or 'graphic violence?'

For the purposes of this meme, "underage" is arbitrarily defined as an explicit depiction of any sexual situation involving a character 15 years old and under. If a character briefly mentions "I slept with my boyfriend when I was fifteen," the label does not need to be used. If there is a graphic description of that scene, please use the label.

Similarly, brief mentions of the kind of violence that is canon-typical for a Person of Interest episode will not require the [Graphic violence] label, only scenes which graphically depict or describe these acts in detail. So for instance, if a story begins, "On Monday, John went to the post office. On Tuesday, he shot some guys in the kneecaps and punched some guys in the face. On Wednesday, he bought cupcakes," and the rest of the story is about John picking out cupcakes, it would not require the [Graphic violence] label.

These ratings and warnings apply to images as well as text. In addition, if you are posting an image (either as a prompt or a fill) that contains nudity, explicit sexual content, or graphic violence, please do not post this image directly to the meme. Instead, please post a cropped/edited version that links to the explicit version, or just use a plain HTML link.

Here are some examples of headers that have all the required information and are formatted correctly.

Fill: Werewolf Pack Is Family (Finch, Reese, Bear) [General] [No meme warnings apply]

FILL: Honeymoon in Vegas (Carter/Reese) [Explicit] [Choose not to warn]

fill: darkness at the edge of town (leon, root, shaw) [mature] [graphic violence] [major character death]

FILL: Flashback (Finch/Nathan, Finch/Reese) [Not rated] [Choose not to warn]

You can also add indications of completeness such as (1/1), (1/?), WIP, COMPLETE, etc.

How do I nest a long fill so it's easy to read?

If your fill has multiple parts, it will make things easier if you nest and number them. If multiple people are filling the same prompt, nesting will ensure that the two fills don't interfere with each other. Nesting also makes it possible for people to easily link to your whole fill (instead of having to link several times to each individual comment.) It also makes your fill easier to read.

- Fill part 1 - the first part is a response to the prompt. Press "reply" on the prompt.
- - Fill part 2 - the second part, and all following parts, are responses to part 1. Press "reply" on part 1.
- - Fill part 3 - response to part 1. Press "reply" on part 1.
- - Fill part 4 - response to part 1. Press "reply" on part 1.

If you know how many parts your fill is going to be, you can label them 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 etc., or 1/?, 2/?etc. if you don't know. Some people prefer to label their parts 1a, 1b, 1c, etc. That is also fine, and it might look more like this:

- Fill part 1a/x - response to the prompt.
- - Fill part 1b/x - response to part 1a.
- - Fill part 1c/x - response to part 1a.
- - Fill part 2a/x - response to part 1a.
- - Fill part 2b/x - response to part 1a.
- - Fill part 3a/x - response to part 1a.

Only part 1 is a direct response to the prompt. After part 1, all other parts are a response to part 1. No other part is a direct response to the prompt.

If you accidentally reply to the wrong comment and the parts of your fill end up out of order, no big deal! We have all been there. Post to the Mod Contact Post and the mods will delete any stray parts so you can post again correctly.

If you want to post your fill somewhere else (your journal,, AO3, tumblr) and leave a link here as a comment, that is fine!

If you are posting to the AO3, please feel free to add your story to the Person of Interest Kink Meme Community Collection (Meme_of_Interest, and/or use the tag(s) Community: Meme of Interest or just Meme of Interest.

Once you've posted or completed a fill, please comment on the Filled Prompts Post so it can be bookmarked on the meme's pinboard, [ profile] meme_of_interest. If you have any suggestions or comments about tagged fills or the tagging system, please leave a comment on the Filled Prompts Post.

When a prompt post has reached 7500 comments, a new prompt post will be opened. At that point, no more prompts should be posted to the old prompt post. This gives meme participants time to finish their WiPs before the post hits its comment limit.

What should not be posted here?

- Kink-shaming. If you don't like a certain pairing, trope, kink or type of fic, don't flame people for requesting it or tell them that it is icky. Do not post a prompt like, "X type of characterization sucks, I want the complete opposite," or "X pairing sucks, Y is awesome!"

Along these same lines, do not "jokingly" judge or kink-shame your own prompts or fills. For example, "I know it's gross and wrong, but I am prompting [this kink]!" or "I'm such a sick pervy creeper for even writing this! But here it is!!"

- Bashing or Flaming: This includes name-calling, blatant stereotyping, "your fic is terrible," "your kink is not okay," and statements intended to belittle people, groups or personal preferences. It is not okay to bash characters, tropes, pairings or real people (whether individuals or groups).

Bashing does not include: civil discussion. It is okay to disagree (without flaming or personal attacks) on a point of fact or an opinion. Pointing out that a word, idea or story trope can be hurtful or problematic is not a personal attack.

If you see comments that include kink-shaming, bashing/flaming, embedded NSFW images, or plagiarism, please do not reply to them. Report it to the mods, so that they can screen, freeze, or delete comments and threads as needed. (Also, it can be amusing to reply to spam sometimes, but please don't do it on the meme, just report it so the mods can delete it.)

Mods reserve the right to delete/freeze/screen comments at their discretion. If your comment has been screened/frozen/deleted and you don't know why, please comment on the Mod Contact Post.

What is the spoiler policy here?

If an episode that has already aired, it is fair game and is not considered a spoiler. (Please note this means that time zones may cause issues.)

However, if you have information about something has NOT aired as part of an episode-- ie information from promos, interviews, casting spoilers, twitter, etc., then that is considered a spoiler, so please do not post it here.

What is the Chatter Post for?

It is for chatting! Basically, nothing is off topic on the Chatter Post.

- Talk about PoI
- Talk about anything that is not PoI
- Link to something cool you saw on Tumblr
- Rec a fanwork or ask for recs
- Ask for help finding a fanwork
- Ask for a beta or for help with research

The spoiler policy for Person of Interest episodes on the chatter post is the same as the spoiler policy on the meme. If it has aired, it's fair game. (However, please use consideration for other fans when discussing other shows. It's probably okay to talk about Vader being Luke's father, but maybe don't be like "OMG Sherlock and Joan just got fake married in Vegas!" if that episode only aired yesterday.)

What is the chatter post not for?

- Contacting the mods. (Use the Mod Contact Post to do this.)
- The rules about kink-shaming and bashing still apply, and threads will be frozen/screened/deleted at the mods' discretion.

This FAQ has been based on and adapted from the FAQs of many previous kink memes including [ profile] norsekink, [ profile] inception_kink, [ profile] teenwolfkink and [ profile] sherlockbbc_fic.

Your current mods are [personal profile] charloween, [personal profile] killalla, [personal profile] liviapenn and [personal profile] neery. If you have a question, comment or suggestion that is not addressed in the FAQ, please leave a comment on the Mod Contact Post, as that is the fastest way to get a response from the mod team.

The current fill archivist/bookmarker is [ profile] ofsevenseas. Fills are bookmarked at [ profile] meme_of_interest. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about bookmarking fills on the meme, please leave a comment on the Filled Prompts Post and the mods or [ profile] ofsevenseas will get back to you.

Updated 4/2/13 edited warnings section slightly for clarity, typos.
Updated 4/4/13 to add ofsevenseas as meme archivist.
Updated 4/6/13 to add link to meme pinboard account.
Updated 4/9/13 to add information on the Meme_of_Interest AO3 Collection and tag.

Quick Links: FAQ / Participation Guidelines / Prompt Post 01 & Prompt Post 01 in flat view / Filled Prompts Post / Chatter Post & Chatter Post in flat view / Mod Contact Post