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Chatter Post

Welcome to the Chatter Post!

Nothing is off topic here!

The Chatter Post is a good place to:

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The spoiler policy for Person of Interest episodes on the chatter post is the same as the spoiler policy on the meme: if it has aired, it's fair game. (However, please use consideration for other fans when discussing other shows. It's probably okay to talk about Vader being Luke's father, but maybe don't be like "OMG Sherlock and Joan just got fake married in Vegas!" if that episode only aired yesterday.)

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thoughts on rewatching 1x02

(Anonymous) 2013-04-08 02:12 am (UTC)(link)
I was re-watching 1x02 last night and they haven't even brought in the earbuds yet... Reese is either holding a phone up to his ear in every scene where he talks to Finch, or he has a huge dorky bluetooth stuck in his ear. Gotta say, neither one makes him look cool or tough, or is practical for a fight scene.

There is SO MUCH cute stuff in this episode. Finch doing push-ups because Reese mentioned it! Finch's hilarious blonde nosy co-worker! Nathan bringing Finch awards and tiny bottles from the mini-bar! John getting taken out by a small girl with a small knife!

Also, this is probably the first time John tries to feed someone in order to make them feel better-- he orders Theresa Whittaker a hamburger from room service, without her even asking or mentioning that she's hungry. :3